Friday, 20 April 2012

Yay Friday at last...

Hello everyone. 

It's been a drizzly end to the week here, with the occasional rain or shower. I am soooooo glad that it's Friday...even though it's only just been the first week back at school it feels like I've been back for months. It's so easy to slip back into that old routine....early mornings, full on days and rushed it'll be great to sleep in tomorrow morning and actually laze around for a bit and try to swerve my way around homework, house work and my crazy (in a nice way) family!
Now, this week has been a crazy one. In one word...
MONDAY: Annoying
TUESDAY: Horrible
THURSDAY: Pretty good
FRIDAY: OMG It's Friday BOO YAH!!!!

I know Friday wasn't one word but anyway....that's what I was thinking the whole day. ;)

So as I said, it's Friday and I don't wanna spend my whole Friday night on here so I better go...

Luv ya!!





  1. Hey EJ
    Sorry I haven't commented at all I just forget about everything on the computer like I come on and then I blog then forget what else I should do :P
    Anyways I've felt the same about my week. Cuz monday I had to go to the dentist for broken braces had tons of home work all week. So I hope this week end is good for both of us have a great one
    Caitlin ♥ :)

    1. Hey Caitlin
      aww that must have sucked...broken braces! and I know what u mean about homework it's crazy how much there is. yeah u have a good weekend too coz I have and it's not even over yet! :-)

  2. it's been rainy here too - yesterday we got caught in a downpour!
    i don't go back to school until next thursday, so my week wasn't so bad. except for the fact that i'm in year 12, and i have my first set of exams coming up soon :( i've been spending my school holidays studying chemistry and maths. eugh!
    hope you're having a good weekend to make up for the crappy week xx

    1. Hey! :)
      Haha I got caught in a downpour too, and coz I straightened my hair the night before my hair went all frizzy, I looked like I had an afro. :D Lol it was pretty funny!
      Poor you exams must really suck. Good luck with them! Yuck I hate Maths a lot too.
      thanks my weekend has been great hope yours was good too.
      ♥ EJ

  3. hi ej
    now we are back to horrible monday! :)
    my monday wuz pretty fun and i got to get out early.

    1. hey Janaya :)
      I know I hate Mondays! They're so mean you've just had a nice, relaxing weekend and then BOOM you're back to school I hate them.
      Ur so lucky you got to get out early, I always try to but I usually have no luck. ;)
      ♥ EJ