Monday, 16 April 2012

Tuesday Afternoon....

Tuesday Afternoon....

Hello! Well it is a Tuesday afternoon and I am bored, so I just made this collage on and decided to share it with my readers! With your first glance at polyvore, it looks like a site all about fashion and beauty and something for all you fashionistas out there. But, as I have discovered, it's not. It has a large range of things to choose to make your collage, as you can see with mine. Sure, the options of what you can include are limited, but it has a large variety and awesome fonts as I've used for writing 'Tuesday Afternoon' in pink.

Well I better go get some work done!!




  1. Hola Missie EJ!!!!
    Love the collage its really cool. I should check out some of these websites you post about they sound great! :)
    Caitlin ♥

    1. ps my fav part is the mockingjay pin very cool :)

    2. heyy Caitlin!! yeah u should check out the websites I wouldn't post about them if I didn't think they were good!!
      Haha I thought you'd like the mockinjay pin it's my fave too. ;)