Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I can't believe it's Wednesday already!!!!

Honestly, I can't believe it's Wednesday!! Maybe it was my day off on Monday that made everything seem to go so quickly, I don't know! But I'm glad the week is going fast- it means the weekend's coming fast!!

Today was Cross Country. Thankfully, the weather was in our favour and we had a beautiful sunny day to run in. I came 19th or something, which I'm pretty proud of coz it's an improvement from last year! I did a mixture of jogging and walking, so I'm pretty happy with the result!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this, and I apologize if I have already...but this week my best friend Jo is on holiday. So on Sunday night I was stressing (typical me!) about not having anyone to hang out with, that I'll be a loner, etc, etc. As much as my parents assured me it will all be okay, my overactive imagination just wouldn't except it! But, yes, I have survived the week...and made some new friends! Today I hung out with Mikayla, Kaitlyn, and some other peeps whose names I haven't learnt yet. As much as I am missing Jo, it's been nice to hang with some different people for a change!

This week has gone so fffaaasssttt I can't believe it! is it just me or are you guys feeling it too? Hah, I'd laugh if none of you comment and I'd feel like a lunatic! :P

Now, I can't stay for much longer-  I've gotta start walking down to Karate (hi-yah!) which runs from 4:30pm till 5:30pm. I know it's a..........different sport choice, but I've already tried netball and basketball in the past. Not saying they're not good, not saying that Karate is better....here's the truth....I don't have a choice whether I do Karate or not. My parents want me to be a black belt and THEN they said I can quit. Well, I suppose Karate is good for me, coz I don't do any other sports apart from it...but ANYWAY......☺

I've only got a couple of minutes left, so I'll leave you to comment and ponder my unusally small post with these few pictures I just found (by typing in 'favim' in google images, btw) and love.

Catch you later,


Cya! ♥


  1. Cool pictures! How did Mother's Day go?

    1. thanx! ☺
      It went awesome! I will take a pic when I get home and post it (I'm at school) to show you. Mum loved it, thanx for the great idea!!!
      ♥ EJ

    2. I am very happy to hear that!