Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Confessions of a teenage girl..

1OO questions ;

O1 - who wαs the lαst person you texted? - johanna, my best friend.

O2 - when is your birthdαy? - october 27th c:

O3 - who do you wαnt to be with right now? - my grandparents.

O4 - whαt sports do you play? - karate, and uhmm thats all.

O5 - who is the first person in your contαcts? - kaila.

O6 - whαt is your fαvorite song αs of the moment? - too many to name! seriously tho!

O7 - if you were strαnded on αn island, who do you wish to be with? - someone c;

O8 - whαt do you feel right now? - slightly pissed off but generally happy.

O9 - whαt chocolαte is your fαvorite? - all chocolate!

1O - how mαny boyfriends / girlfriends did you hαve? - none

11 - why did you creαte α Blogger αccount? - to have a substitute to a diary, because I'm much quicker at writing than typing

12 - who is your fαvorite person here? - used to be my three best friends on here- Caitlin, Janaya and Tyler, but now it's gotta be Bonnee.

13 - where do you wαnt to be right now? - at home.

14 - whαt do you wαnt to be in the future? - A writer. It's my dream.

15 - when wαs the lαst time you cried? - Tbh, I can't remember.

16 - αre you hαppy? - sure thing c:

17 - who do you miss? - Caitlin, Janaya, Tyler, and my dog Nicki.

18 - if you were given α chαnce, would you like to have α different life? - no.

19 - whαt wαs the best thing you were given? - I can't pick.

2O - who wαs the lαst person who cαlled you? - my nan.

21 - whαt is your favorite dish? - don't make me pick. o:

22 - who are your bestfriends? -  jo, laura, vick, kaitlyn.

23 - whαt is your biggets regret? - it's a secret.

25 - who do you spend crαzy moments with? - jo

26 - nαme someone pretty - emma watson

27 - who wαs the lαst person you hugged? - my dad, last night

28 - whαt kind of music do you listen to? all kinds.

29 - αre you over your pαst? - i think so.

3O - who is the lαst person in your contαcts? - Vick

31 - whαt kind of person do you wαnt to dαte? - someone who accepts me for me.

32 - do you hαve troubles sleeping αt night? - yeah, sometimes.

33 - from whom wαs the lαst text messαge you received? - joooo.

34 - whαt do you prefer, jeαns or skirt? - jeans.

35 - how’s your heαrt? - my heart is fine, thank you.

36 - did you ever hαve α girlfriend / boyfriend whose nαme stαrts with α “ J ” ? - no.

37 - do you like someone αs of the moment? - no, not really.

38 - whαt would you wαnt to sαy to your lαtest ex-boyfriend / ex-girlfriend? - I dont have any exs, since i dont have any relationships.

39 - do you hαve αny phobiαs? - no.

4O - did you try to chαnge for α person? - not really. no.

41 - whαt’s the nicest thing hαve you given to someone? - i dont know....

42 - would you go bαck to your previous relαtionship? - like i said before, i cant answer these questions!

43 - αre you in α good or bαd mood? - mostly good.

44 - nαme someone you cαn’t live without. - family.

45 - describe your dreαm dαte. - it doesn't matter as long as we're happy.

46 - describe your dreαm wedding. - marrying the love of my life. that's all that has to be specific.

47 - how mαny roses did you receive lαst Vαlentine’s? - none

48 - hαve you ever been kissed? - no.

49 - how long is your longest relαtionship?- like i said before...

5O - do you regret your pαst? - no, because it helped me learn.

51 - cαn you do something stupid for someone else? - lol yes.

52 - hαve you ever cried over someone? - yes.

53 - do you hαve α grudge αgαinst αnyone? - no.

54 - αre you α crybαby? - no.

55 - do people prαise you for your looks? - lol I can't read minds.

56 - did you fαll for someone you shouldn’t? - uhmm..no.

57 - hαve you ever done something bαd but you don’t regret? - yes.

58 - do you like getting hurt? - no one does.

59 - does αnyone hαte you? - I still can't read minds.

6O - did you slαp αnyone whose nαme stαrts with αn “ R ” ? - noo.

61 - whαt hαir color do you prefer? - I dunno.

62 - if you cαn chαnge αnything αbout yourself, whαt is it? - my blemishes. i have juust a few too many for my liking

63 - do you love someone αs of the moment? - of course.

64 - hαve you ever thought of killing yourself?- no, never.

65 - do you hαve issues with somebody in your school? - not really.

66 - cαn you live without internet? - yes, i couuld..

67 - whαt’s the song thαt remind you of your speciαl someone? - uh.. uh.. I know this one.. wait... I got nothing.

68 - αre you good αt holding bαck your teαrs? - sometimes, yes.

7O - hαve you ever experienced being hystericαl? - i dont think so..

71 - αre you α KPOP fαn? -.. not really.

72 - do you study hαrd? - i try.

73 - hαve you ever sαcrificed something important to you for someone you love? - yes.

74 - did you ever hαd α kiss under the moonlight? - no.

75 - hαve you ever ridden α boαt? - yes c:

76 - did you have αn αccident lαst yeαr? - nope.

77 - whαt kind of person αre you? - the kind that breathes.

78 - hαve you ever thought of killing someone? - no.

79 - hαve you ever been jeαlous? - ew, yes.

8O - how cαn you prove your love to someone? - i could sacrifice my own happiness for theirs.

81 - whαt αre you thinking right now? - the answer to this question, and lots of things.

82 - who is the 6th person in your contαcts? - jo.

83 - do you hαve αny memories you wαnt to erαse? - no, i dont regret anything.

84 - hαve you been hurt so bαd thαt you cαn’t find words to explαin how you feel? - no.

85 - did you ever bαdmouth someone? - yeah.

86 - hαve you ever hαd αn αrgument with someone? - not super serious.

87 - do you hαve trust issues? - noo, im reliatively trusting

88 - αre you broken-heαrted? - no.

89 - who’s the person who first comes to your mind when someone mentions “ love ” ? - my mum.

9O - do you think αll the pαin is worth it? - i dont know!!

91 - do you believe in the phrαse “ If it’s meant to be, it will be ” ? - yes.

92 - who do you wαnt to mαrry? - the love of my life.

93 - do you believe in destiny? - obviously.

94 - hαve you ever thought “ I αlready found my soulmαte ” ? - no.

95 - how do you look right now? - well hmm my hair is out and curly and I'm wearing uniform :P

96 - do you believe thαt first true love never dies? - yes.

97 - hαve you found your true love? - no.

98 - whαt should you be doing right now? - my homework.

99 - nαme one of your ex-boyfriends / ex-girlfriends. - i dont have any!! omfg!!.

1OO - did you ever feel like you’re not good enough? yes

Monday, 6 May 2013


6th May 2013


Mood: {Easily Changeable}


Wishing: It was raining outside so I could go to sleep with rain on my roof

Wearing: An old comfy pair of pyjamas

Hearing: The water pump, situated directly underneath my bedroom, buzzing away since my brother is having a shower. Also the sound of me typing this

Present in this room with me: Rosie, my dog, who has just now......walked out.

Thinking: What’s that noise at the window? –Turns head- oh, it’s just a moth.

Tasting: Strawberry jam. Don’t ask.

Room status: Messy

Mind status: Messy

Homework status: Under control (just)

Now entering: Rosie again. She’s sneaking around like a ninja

Just said: “Rosie, what are you eating?”

Thinking: What on earth could be edible on my bedroom floor?

Realising: It could be anything

Book last read: The Immortal Rules, a totally amazing book which I am currently in love with. I even took it to school today to read during English class #NotObsessed

Movie last seen: To kill a Mockingbird, in English class today

Smelling: Nail polish. did my nails before. All turned out OK, except for the nails done with my left hand

Amount of battery charge left on my laptop: 2hrs and 19min

Last movie seen at a cinema- Iron Man 3, which, FYI was awesome

Last movie seen (apart from in English class): The modern remake of Fright Night, which was really cool

Current TV addiction: I wouldn’t call it an addiction, but I enjoy The Voice

Dreading: Tomorrow, too detailed for me to go into.

Crushing on: Nobody (even if I was, I wouldn’t put his name down on here anyway)

Worrying: Camp on Thursday... its only overnight but we’re camping out in tents. And it’ll be the first camp my year level has had for two years, so it shall be quite interesting. But I’m worrying anyway

Summary of my life: Pfft, I can’t summarise my life into a few sentences! Sheesh! Who do you think you are?

Realising: I’m typing to myself

Realising: I should stop

Current homework: Maths and Creative Time Travel (just a fancy name for history)

Random fact: I need a new pair of aviators

Weather: Dark and very starry and moony

Help!: I hate my history project that I’m stuck with for a term now! Eeek!

Regretting: Working with a partner for it

Thinking: Should I plug my laptop in to charge?

Deciding: Pfft, I’ll do it later


What words spring to mind when I say/type....

Watermelon Tasty

Starbucks Rip off

Johnny Depp Amazing

Instagram Addiction

Gossip magazines Trashy but somehow good (that’s four words stooopid!)


Teenage Boys, summarised in a few dot points

.Idiots (unless I approve of them)

. Rowdy

. Stupid

. One of the many teenage boys in this world will be my future husband. (What a frightening thought)




 Awesomesauce things







Reece Mastin


Old school artists I am now currently into


Bon Jovi

Bruce Springsteen


Def Leppard


The Darkness



Real life friends









Songs I have had on repeat lately (prepare yourself for a long list)

Livin’ on a Prayer- Bon Jovi {in my head right now}

Alive- Empire Of the Sun

Am I ever gonna see your face again- The Angels

Anna Sun- Walk the Moon

Because we can- Bon Jovi

Have a nice day- Bon Jovi

Born in the U.S.A- Bruce Springsteen

Chemical Heart- Grinspoon

Dancing in the Dark- Bruce Springsteen

Eat the rich- Aerosmith

Crazy- Gnarls Barkley

Good Times- INXS

Hung up- Hot Chelle Rae

Is it just me? – The Darkness

It’s Time- Imagine Dragons

Locked out of heaven- Bruno Mars

My songs know what you did in the dark- Fall out Boy

No church in the wild- JAY Z & Kanye West ft. Frank Ocean

Pompeii- Bastille

Pour some sugar on me- Def Leppard

Rag doll- Aerosmith

Stuck in the middle with you- Reservoir Dogs

Thrift Shop- Macklemore + Ryan Lewis

Unskinny Bop- Poison

The view- Olympic Ayres

Where are you going now? – The Lazy Calm

Walking on a Dream- Empire of the Sun

The Game- Pez

Twin Cities- Hungry kids of Hungary

I believe in a thing called love- The Darkness

I’m a dreamer- Diafrix ft 360

Spotlight- Mute Math


This week summarised (from tomorrow onwards)

Tuesday: Loner day

Wednesday: Busy as hell day

Thursday: CAMP! EEK! NO!

Friday: CAMP! EEK! NO!

Saturday: Phew!

Sunday: Goddammit School tomorrow


Decided: Not to think too far ahead anymore

Reason: It gets me worried

Finalising: I need to get to sleep because school is tomorrow and I’m running out of ideas for this post and I’m sure you’re all bored to death by it so I’m going to go now bye~


Yours sincerely,