Monday, 2 April 2012

Life is sweet...♪


Hello everyone :) 
Hope you're having a lovely day.

I just had a long cuddle with my cat, Moshi, who was purring so loud I swear my Nan, who is ironing in the lounge room, could have heard him!

Anyway, on Thursday the removalists are coming to take our furniture up to our new house!! We've taken a lot of the boxes up already, but I don't really think we could fit our fridge in the back of our car, so we do need a removalists truck for the big stuff. ;)

Well I had a very late breakfast today coz I slept in which was pure bliss, although it would have been better if I was actually in my own bed is packed up and my brother and I are sleeping on stretchers in the lounge room. Not ideal, but it'll do for the moment.

Just before the school term finished, I borrowed about ten books from the local library to read for the holidays. I am now reading one called BORN AT MIDNIGHT which I am really enjoying!! Along with reading that book, posting on here and making trips up to our new house every so often I'm keeping myself occupied!!

 Talking about the new house, Rory (my brother) and I had a swim in the pool at our new house yesterday. It was FREEZING!! Rory was chattering his teeth but we did stay in for a little while before getting out to sit on the veranda, eat a Mars bar and drink some juice whilst wrapped up in a warm towel. I think we should get the pool heated!!

Mum and Dad are currently up at the house painting mine and Rory's rooms. It reeks of paint throughout those rooms but luckily the rest of the house isn't too bad. Since they're painting the ceiling as well as the walls Mum's got some white paint in her hair which I think is quite funny, hehehe. 

Today is a kick-back day, basically. I love relaxing days, they are such a rarity nowadays with us packing and painting and stuff. So it's now 11:30am and I'm still full from breakfast since I had it so late!!

Next term the Formals (which are the school dances) are on! There is a Junior Formal and a Senior Formal. The Junior Formal is Year 7's, 8's and 9's, and the Senior Formal is Year 10, 11 and 12's. The theme is Masquerade!! I haven't planned anything yet but it sounds like it'll be a fun night!!

Well I better go now, and read some more of 'Born at Midnight'. It is such a great book! ♥





  1. Hey EJ
    I find moving farely hard but in the end it always seems great to be in a new place :)
    And I wish I could go swimming outside even if it is cold its pretty cold where I live but we are getting into really hot weather pretty soon here. A masquerade should be great!! We had one back in october at my highschool but I couldn't make it but we do have one more dance this year and I'm really quite excited about it. And your book sounds really good I should look it up. Theres a series that I read where these teens were born at midnight and in a certain place in the states they have certain types of powers like a guy can fly and a girl can see numbers and how they connect with things and all that kinda stuff their really good anyways this is getting long ttyl have a good rest of the week :)
    Caitlin ♥

    1. Hey Caitlin!
      Yeh I agree moving is hard. In my case, I've been in this house for about three years so it is hard leaving but it is great to be in a new place.
      Yeah masquerade does sound cool! I'm still searching for the perfect mask..
      The book is great I finished it the other day and next time I go to the library I'm gonna get the next one. Yeah, you should totally look it up.
      The book isn't like the one you've read, but yours sound cool too. In the book I read there's this camp where fairies, vampires, werewolves, ghost whisperers, witches and werewolves all go to train, work together and learn to blend in with the public. I won't go into too much detail but it's great!!

      Yeah you have a great rest of the week too.
      ♥ EJ