Saturday, 29 September 2012

on holidays...........YES still!!! :D

heya whoever reads this blog!! :D
if you really appreciate it if you comment...coz sometimes it feels like nobody does. . .

it has been a while since last time I posted, but not much has happened to be honest!! Ive just been relaxingg...and today drove to my nan and pa's house for the weekend!! its lovely to see them again xxx

y' much as I  A.D.O.R.E  holidays, I find that when its not school I dont have very much to write about on here!! heeheh because life is so beautifully simple and relaxing during holidays I cant really say anything else but that ;P so im going to go now before I begin to ramble a bit!!

soooo im gonna go now and go to sleep! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! xxxx

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

On holidayyy! cx

Hey! I know I said I wouldn't be blogging today but the motel I'm staying at has free wi-fi so mum let me use her iPhone for Internet!! 

Well, my day? My family and I left at about 8:30 in the morning so we got here at about ten. We had plenty of time to explore the sanctuary that way. There were so many cute animals there like little bush mice and possums! Wait, let me explain. My brother Rory's birthday was aaaages ago (June 15th, if you wanna know!!) and he wanted to come and visit the sanctuary for that. But the weather was too bad for it for MONTHS (it was winter) and now finally its spring so we decided to go in these school holidays instead with the better weather. And it was so worth it!! It was such a good day !!  :-)

After visiting the sanctuary for a few hours we did some shopping. After that we just chilled in our motel while watching my FAVE tv show 'the x factor'. Actually, the x factor is on right now!! Do any of my fellow aussie readers watch it too? (I'm looking at you Bonnee and Maya!!!)

Although we're going home tomorrow cuz mum needs to work I have really enjoyed our mini holiday!! :D 
I've still got a week left of holidays which is amazing!! I love my holidays <3

Oh yeah, something I forgot to mention! There were heeaps of cute guys around too so the trip wasn't too hard on the eyes ;p

I better get back to x factor, blog again soon!! 




Monday, 24 September 2012

im off! cx

My plan for this week!!!

tomorrow (Tuesday): offline (on a HOLIDAYYY!)
Wednesday: maybeeee online (getting back from HOLIDAYYY!)
Friday: offline (ANOTHER HOLIDAY!)
Saturday: offline (HOLIDAY)
Sunday: offline (HOLIDAY)
Monday: maybe online (COMING BACK FROM HOLIDAY)
Tuesday and the following days: ONLINE, BABY!!!

got it? c;



Sunday, 23 September 2012


//mind your manners- chiddy bang//

hey guys. i hope people still read this blog!! i know it has been FOREVER since ive last posted heheeh yes i am guilty! :-/ but here I am!!!

sooo what have I been up to, you may ask? well, it is the school holidays for me at the moment and it is the 2nd day of holidays and I am loving it!!! I have slept in till at least 10 both days so it!! cx

at the moment my cousins are up visiting till Monday when they are going to leave :(((( it has been great having them here!! ♥

I have a bit planned for the holidays...but not for a little while! so for the while im just gonna chill and enjoy the moment!

im gonna jump off now...because thats pretty much everything!! my life is pretty simple at the moment...not that im complaining!! thats one of my favourite things about holidays....there are no worries!!

love you all,



Wednesday, 5 September 2012

im sorry

wow, im sorry. im sorry i havent been blogging in a while. sorry, that was an understatement. i meant, im sorry i havent been blogging in ages. im sorry im not using captial i's in this blog, its because i cant be bothered holding down the 'shift' key. gawd, im lazy aren't I? well, im allowed to be. because its a Tuesday afternoon. its that annoying time when friday is so close.......but not close enough for it to be friday. so im allowed to be lazy. so there.

what have i been doing lately, you may ask? well, Im going to tell you, whether you wanted to know or not.

· I have been going to school. I know, boring old school. Nothing special....

· I have been watching one of my absolute favourite TV shows: THE X FACTOR. Man I am addicted!!!

· I have been watching the football.......the finals are coming up!! Go Geelong!! Woot Woot!

· I have had homework :(

· I have been much more regular on a website called Polyvore

· I have been loving listening to the radio. my faves are The Hot 30 Countdown at night and Jordan and Steph in the morning

· I have been practising Fur Elise, Somewhere over the rainbow, and Bella's Lullaby on piano

· I am still loving Reece, but am also fan-girling over Joel Goncalves and Trent Bell from The X Factor

· Thats about it really! What a small and insignifcant life I live!

· Really, it is. when you think about the amazing people out there, doing amazing things...

· but I AM amazing!

· okay, why am I still doing dotpoints for this?

· Im going to stop now

Love you all,