Saturday, 28 April 2012

Now it's Sunday...

Well now it's Sunday, and what a big week I have ahead of me!
Tomorrow, all the kids who play instruments or sing in the choir are going to a choir workshop thing for the whole day. Should be interesting! I think we're getting a hot lunch, yummo! I just really hope I can go, coz I forgot to hand in my note!! ooops!! I really do hope I can go though coz all my friends are. 
then on Tuesday it's my Junior Formal! Yess I do have a dress to wear and personally I think it looks nice, I'll bring a camera on the night and catch some happy snaps to share with you guys! It goes from 7:00pm till 11:00pm. should be fun!! 
and then on Wednesday it's the challenge day, where we have to mountain bike riding (UGH!), for a bush walk, bush cooking and we also get to play the bongos (LOL!!!!!!!) 
nothing big on for Thursday or Friday thank god, but I still have a huge week ahead of me.

but before aaaaallllll that, I've got heaps of TV shows to watch tonight, and some English homework to do as well. we have to do an essay which I hate. :(

But anywayyy....I'm going to go now! If I don't get to post very often this week you now know why!

 ♥ EJ 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

*big sigh* I've got lots to tell you! ☺

Hello my friends! I hope you've all had a nice start to your week.

Well, Mum picked me up from school today and since tomorrow is ANZAC day (and a public holiday, win!) she said "I've got something for us to watch tomorrow," and I said "Umm...what??" and she said "I think it's in my handbag in the back seat," so I grabbed her handbag and fished out the Justin Bieber movie!

Now, before I continue let me set some things straight. Before I watched the movie, I didn't particularly like Justin Bieber, but I didn't exactly hate him either. I disliked him. There, I said it. Before I watched the movie, I thought he looked and sung like a girl. Which I still think now even after the movie, but I've seen him in a new light. Seeing where he grew up, what he's like behind the scenes, his family, friends, crew, everything. I'm not saying I'm a fully converted Belieber just yet, but I like him a lot more than I did before watching the movie. 
So if you're a fan I'm guessing you've already seen it, but if you're not or are sitting on the fence, I recommend it. Even my little brother watched it! It's a different story with my Dad though....he fell asleep about fifteen minutes into it!!!! 

Well, enough about JB. Let me tell you about my day, whether you want to know or not I don't care, I'm gonna tell you anyway.
I had Maths in the morning. We're doing this Maths Challenge with MEGA hard questions which I do NOT want to do, but I have no choice. :(

Then I had Science. My mean teacher made us go out in the cold (it was raining hard outside, and the wind was icy and it was freezing!) and made us record ourselves running across the basketball court, then average it and do this fancy Maths stuff, then compare how fast we run to other animals. Well, this sounds mega pathetic, but I came second last, with the sloth coming in last place. I know I know I bet you're probably laughing right now, but come ON, I was up against a cheetah, lion, and zebra! And I couldn't run that fast in the rain anyway! I know I'm making excuses now... :\

Then I had P.E and we did some soccer. I accidentally kicked the ball in the wrong direction and the other team got a goal. Oops, hehe. 

Tomorrow will be great because it's a public holiday, a much needed one. But I'm gonna go to the 6:30am ANZAC service though, with my Mum and brother (and maybe Dad, if he can be bothered to get out of bed!!) because I think the dawn service is a lot more haunting than the day one. I went last year and I literally had goosebumps! It's a great day to remember our fallen soliders and other members of the armed forces, and the public holiday is pretty awesome too!!

I'm going to go now, BASAP! (Blog As Soon As Possible)

♥ EJ 


Friday, 20 April 2012

Yay Friday at last...

Hello everyone. 

It's been a drizzly end to the week here, with the occasional rain or shower. I am soooooo glad that it's Friday...even though it's only just been the first week back at school it feels like I've been back for months. It's so easy to slip back into that old routine....early mornings, full on days and rushed it'll be great to sleep in tomorrow morning and actually laze around for a bit and try to swerve my way around homework, house work and my crazy (in a nice way) family!
Now, this week has been a crazy one. In one word...
MONDAY: Annoying
TUESDAY: Horrible
THURSDAY: Pretty good
FRIDAY: OMG It's Friday BOO YAH!!!!

I know Friday wasn't one word but anyway....that's what I was thinking the whole day. ;)

So as I said, it's Friday and I don't wanna spend my whole Friday night on here so I better go...

Luv ya!!




Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wednesday....the busiest day of the week

Hey there. Hardly anyone checks my blog anymore, but I don't mind.
 I write on here anyway, even if no one comments, it's for my own amusement. ;)

It's Wednesday, and I am currently in Science class. I know I know I shouldn't be on here I should be doing work BUT I have already done all my work and I'm waiting for my partner to finish so I've got some time to spare.

Today has been a really full on day, and it's only 2:06pm! After school I've got Karate (from 4:30pm till 5:30pm) which sucks coz I have a bit of homework tonight AND I've gotta watch The Voice on TV tonight as well. Today has been so so so so so busy so so so so full on, and I feel like I could fall asleep on my desk right now, but of course I won't.

Science is probs the only class I really, really dislike (even more than Maths and P.E, and that's saying something!!) mostly coz I don't have any of my friends in this class and Science is not my thing, hehe.

I just had lunch and I had nothing to do except chat to my friends. I'm not saying that I don't like chatting to my pals, but since there was nothing else to do we ended up chatting about the same things over and over again without realising it until one of my friends says "'ve already told me." LOL don't you hate it when that happens????

This class is mostly made up of loud people and coz I don't have any friends to chat to  (except Amelia* and Beth*, who sit near me but we're not really close friends.)

G2G my friends,



PS- I put the * next to their names coz they're not their real names and I'm not putting them down on here in case they read it or something.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Tuesday Afternoon....

Tuesday Afternoon....

Hello! Well it is a Tuesday afternoon and I am bored, so I just made this collage on and decided to share it with my readers! With your first glance at polyvore, it looks like a site all about fashion and beauty and something for all you fashionistas out there. But, as I have discovered, it's not. It has a large range of things to choose to make your collage, as you can see with mine. Sure, the options of what you can include are limited, but it has a large variety and awesome fonts as I've used for writing 'Tuesday Afternoon' in pink.

Well I better go get some work done!!



I'm making my way through....

 Hey everyone
Well it's Tuesday and Tuesdays are my least favourite days of the week. It's 12:30pm at the moment and I'm in Science class, about halfway through Tuesday and I am surviving. Just. ;)
and I'm feeling sleepy. send me messages to keep me awake, please.



Saturday, 14 April 2012

The holidays are nearly over :(

Hey guys, how are you doing? :-)

 Well I've got one day until school's back and I'm not happy about it. I was enjoying my holidays, thank you very much! I'm not saying they've gone quickly, but they haven't exactly gone slow either. I have very much enjoyed my break, to put it lightly. What have I done? Hmm...

I have moved house, obviously. It is amazing that I am in my new place already it will be great to come back here when I've finished a school day and just CHILL. That's if I don't have any homework, that is.

I have kept writing my story- it's about 117 pages now it's crazy! It's coming along really well and I really want to get it published but the only person I've shown is my brother. :)

This term looks like it'll be very busy...I really, really hope it'll be as much fun as last term.
Sorry I have to make this post quick- it's pretty late and I should be in bed, hehe. ;)

Post again soon,



Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Hello everyone! Happy Easter!

 It's finally that time of year when everybody stuffs their face in chocolate and it is allowed. I hope you all have had a lovely Easter, whatever you have been doing.

what's remaining of my choccie collection

This Easter I am at my new house, which is unbelievable! I love, love, love, LOVE my new room it is amazing! It was weird sleeping in it the first night, I must admit. But every day more and more of my stuff is being put in and it's feeling more and more familiar by the day. We hooked up the TV and computers yesterday and I admit I did miss them!

I waved goodbye to my Nan and Pop today but although I will miss having them around they need a break from helping us clean and move/unpack boxes. 

OK OK now I will add some photos of my new house to show you guys! they are!!
 my stuff is being put in and it's feeling more and more familiar by the day. We hooked up the TV and computers yesterday and I admit I did miss them!

I waved goodbye to my Nan and Pop today but although I will miss having them around they need a break from helping us clean and move/unpack boxes. 

OK OK now I will add some photos of my new house!!! Enjoy!!


Well well well there it is! Yup, that's my new place I've been rambling on about for the past five posts! The blue/white thing on the right is my out of ground pool. There is an amazing garden all around the place, and that tiny bit you can just see doesn't give it any justice!

I took this last night, from the side of our property. Sozz if it's a bit dark! It's so beautiful to watch the sun set, but you can't stand out for too long or you'll get attacked by mosquitoes (believe me, they think my blood is VERRYY tasty!!!)

That's a different view of my place, the front view, I guess.

OK, to the very left is our pool, and to the very right is the fire pit, where we can sit and roast marshmallows! Pretty awesome, huh! And yeah, there's the view, hehe. Impressive much?

That's the view from my bedroom!!! I love waking up in the morning to that! BTW, I took that photo when I didn't have my curtains in. 

Apart from my bedroom, this is probably one of my fave features of the house- the pool! I had a swim in it a couple of days ago and it was FREEZING!!! I think I'll enjoy it more in Summer though, and in the future we're gonna get it heated! Then I'll never get out of it!


Another awesome part of our new house is the kitchen. It has a huge oven which is great for when he have guests and a dishwasher! I didn't have a dishwasher at my old place and having one is proving to be a hell of a lot easier than without one. 

Well, we've still got boxes throughout the house but all the bedrooms are clear of boxes, which is a relief. Can't say the same for the rest of the rooms though!!

Sorry but I've got to go, dinner's ready!!





Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Another update from my hectic world!

Hello! :-)

Well today is the day! The removalists guys came today with their big truck to load all their furniture on (well actually they're still here but anyway...)
Mum's running around the place crazily like "oh put this shelf in the car" or "take your IPod and books off the couch EJ they need to put that in the truck!" or "keep out of their way OK?" so I've decided to keep a bit of distance between myself and Mum for the time being, until she settles down a bit. Love ya Mum, hehe! :-)

My brother Rory and I just sat up in a tree eating jellybeans and watch as more and more and more furniture are carefully carried out by guys in fluro yellow shirts (the removalists, btw) and talked about lots of things since I've decided to give Mum a bit of a  wide berth for the time being, so my ten year old brother just sat quietly in the tree swatting away bugs and nodding at all the right places and being the perfect agony aunt (or uncle, as he likes to call it.) 

I have just come back into the house and it is so empty!! It definitely doesn't seem like ours anymore, it's SOO weird!!! I had a sneak peek at the back of the truck and my god they pack it so well!! It doesn't even look half full and almost all our house is empty!

Sorry if all my posts recently have been about packing and if I'm boring you. It's just because packing is the most exciting thing that's happening in my life right now and it's the main thing that's happening in my life right now, but soon it'll be about other things once we've actually moved in. This might be one of my last posts from this house! *sob* nahh although I am a tad emotional about leaving this place our new house seems awesome!!!

Well apart from packing boxes, eating delicious dinner's my Nan is making while she and Pop are up here (like Mum said, if Nan wasn't here to cook proper meals we'd probably be eating cereal for every meal coz we're so busy!), and reading books in my spare time, the thing that has really been cool are the dreams I'm having lately. I have had great dreams, ones I have control of which is great, like flying. 

Well one thing is for sure I'll be very glad to get to sleep tonight coz I had to get up at 6:30am (approx) this morning coz  the removalists came at 8:00am!!! and they've been on the go since then until now (now the time is 10:26am.)

Got to go now, Rory wants to come on the computer.





Monday, 2 April 2012

Life is sweet...♪


Hello everyone :) 
Hope you're having a lovely day.

I just had a long cuddle with my cat, Moshi, who was purring so loud I swear my Nan, who is ironing in the lounge room, could have heard him!

Anyway, on Thursday the removalists are coming to take our furniture up to our new house!! We've taken a lot of the boxes up already, but I don't really think we could fit our fridge in the back of our car, so we do need a removalists truck for the big stuff. ;)

Well I had a very late breakfast today coz I slept in which was pure bliss, although it would have been better if I was actually in my own bed is packed up and my brother and I are sleeping on stretchers in the lounge room. Not ideal, but it'll do for the moment.

Just before the school term finished, I borrowed about ten books from the local library to read for the holidays. I am now reading one called BORN AT MIDNIGHT which I am really enjoying!! Along with reading that book, posting on here and making trips up to our new house every so often I'm keeping myself occupied!!

 Talking about the new house, Rory (my brother) and I had a swim in the pool at our new house yesterday. It was FREEZING!! Rory was chattering his teeth but we did stay in for a little while before getting out to sit on the veranda, eat a Mars bar and drink some juice whilst wrapped up in a warm towel. I think we should get the pool heated!!

Mum and Dad are currently up at the house painting mine and Rory's rooms. It reeks of paint throughout those rooms but luckily the rest of the house isn't too bad. Since they're painting the ceiling as well as the walls Mum's got some white paint in her hair which I think is quite funny, hehehe. 

Today is a kick-back day, basically. I love relaxing days, they are such a rarity nowadays with us packing and painting and stuff. So it's now 11:30am and I'm still full from breakfast since I had it so late!!

Next term the Formals (which are the school dances) are on! There is a Junior Formal and a Senior Formal. The Junior Formal is Year 7's, 8's and 9's, and the Senior Formal is Year 10, 11 and 12's. The theme is Masquerade!! I haven't planned anything yet but it sounds like it'll be a fun night!!

Well I better go now, and read some more of 'Born at Midnight'. It is such a great book! ♥