Saturday, 31 March 2012

Woah, talk about a whirlwind!

Life has been pretty crazy at the moment. It seems like only yesterday Dad was saying "Before you know it, it'll be on holidays!" and that was when it was about 3 weeks till the last day of term and I was like "Yeah right Dad that's ages away!" but it's now been the first full day with no school and I'm sort of wishing I was still at school to avoid the crazy mess they call my house at the moment.

The house is full to the brim of boxes coz we're moving house and today was basically all about packing boxes! We only had a break for lunch basically until tea time so we were flat out all day packing! You have no idea how much stuff you own until you actually have it all in front of your eyes (in my case, in boxes) and you're like, OMG wow how much stuff do I actually own???

My bedroom has been stripped of all posters (much to my despair..) and my bed has been taken apart....sleeping on sleeping bags tonight. Not happy, coz I love my bed!! So no more Hunger Games posters on my wall. :(

My family and I just had a chill watching some TV...a much needed chill. Everything is just so overwhelming!!

Time is going so so fast....almost too fast for my liking.

With Easter just around the corner..where the hell did January go?? Where did yesterday go?? Although I am extremely happy Easter has come so fast (I really need a choccie fix) it just feels like life is slipping through my fingers too quickly. I am finding it hard to cherish every moment, because things are happening too quickly!!!

NEWSFLASH- one of my favourite bands, not sure if you guys have heard of them, have split up. :'( 
So so so so sad...
Short Stack were an awesome Aussie band and they will be missed.

Short Stack

From left to right- Bradie, Shaun, Andy

Tomorrow my Nan and Pop are coming up (yay!) to help in any way they can as we move house.

 I am entering a competition to win the first three Hunger Games books and more goodies (like a t-shirt, beanie, movie companion etc...) coz in both local libraries they are hired out and have a LLOONNGG waiting list! (which I have put my name down on them)

Well to be honest with you I can't remember anything else to write....and I bet you when I log off I'll remember something....don't you hate it when that happens???

It's 9:05pm so I better go catch some Zzz's...I think tomorrow will be as hectic as today was.

Loottss of love



Thursday, 29 March 2012

Yay school's out!!!

Well I am feeling GREAT at the moment coz it's now offically THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!

But, I have a very big, busy, and tiring break ahead of me. My family are moving house, and....this is just a rough guess....we haven't even half packed the house yet. So if I don't come on here very often in the next couple of weeks I apologize but it's probably coz I'm VERY busy.

I've just found a website for you to make your own Hunger Games name!! Here's the URL:

Enjoy, but I've got to go now.
I wish I could write more, but I've got LOTS of things to be doing. :(

Hopefully post again soon,



Monday, 26 March 2012

The Hunger Games!!! ♥

Hello everyone!

 Well, Monday is over (finally!) and I have just stumbled across a website called which is all about the Hunger Games! So any fans of the Hunger Games out there be sure to check it out!

First of all, as the title of this post suggests, I love the Hunger Games. I went and saw it on Saturday with Jo and it is my latest obsession.

As being a fan of both the Harry Potter & Twilight series, and The Hunger Games being dubbed as the next one of either of those, I expected big things.

Boy, did it bring big things!

I love everything about it, basically. The storyline's terrific, the acting is incredible, the action is amazing....

and I mean....seriously....who can't help but love Peeta? Not me, hehe.

With the next movie out in 2013.......Hunger Games fans everywhere will just have to sit tight till then.....

For now, though....


Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thursday Nite


Well, hope everything is going well in your world, because things are going mighty fine in mine.

Tomorrow is my school's Round Robin. My Volleyball team and I are travelling to Alexandra, a town about 30-40 minutes away to play Volleyball against other girls our age in neighbouring towns. I'm not the best Volleyball player out there, so wish me luck! Fingers crossed I won't make a fool of myself by getting hit in the head by the ball. ;P

On Sunday my bff Jo and I are going to see The Hunger Games. I haven't read the books yet
coz I don't own a set myself and both my school library and local library have the books already lent out, so I'll have to read them after I watch the movie. :(
But I do know the storyline and judging from what lots of people have told me, they're awesome.

Well I got my latest DOLLY mag a while ago and the 2 free gifts I got were a beanie and eyeliner. Pretty cool, although I wanted the pair of sunnies can't have everything you want in life!

Sozz I haven't been posting in a while...when I posted the French sort of one just before my cousins came up to stay for the weekend and it was pretty busy! Also, this week has been pretty hectic, and I only just managed to post the super-quick post about Reece Mastin (♥) just the other day. Sorry about that, hehe.

Well, I better go now. It's 8:30pm and Dad's getting a bit cranky and I've got a heap of things to do before I go to bed so....

This is where I bid you farewell.

Until next time, with a The Hunger Games review of how it went (actually I might get on before then, perhaps Friday or Saturday...but ANYWAY)

Lots of love




Saturday, 17 March 2012

Reece Mastin ♥

Reece Mastin is my celebrity crush at the moment (although Alex Pettyfer is pretty cute too, but Reece is my fave.)
So here's a pic I just found of him to show you guys who haven't heard of him to see what I'm on about!!!



Friday, 16 March 2012

French!!! ♥ xo

Sitting in the study, on Blogger, waiting for my lovely cousins to come for a weekend visit...
la di da....
feeling a bit loopy...but in a good way, mind you...
just checked my idol (reece mastin's) twitter him so much...♥
My hotmail is full to the brim...about forty new messages...I haven't checked it in a few days :p
Feeling a bit frenchy....wearing a shirt with french writing on idea what it says (LOL!) wearing a French beret, wearing French makeup (smokey eyes, mascara, bold lips...)...before you ask I have no idea why...

I lost my French book from last year....Merde! (look it up) I can't say too much in French coz I can't remember much. All I know is Merde, Bonjour and je'taime! Pretty pathetic aye?

Well my bff Jo was sick today....hope you get better...xx

YAY it's the weekend!! But it seems like it will be a pretty big one...with my cousins coming up and with my uncle's bike race up Mt. Buller.....but anything's better than packing boxes! But hopefully this will be the last time we have to move....for a LONG time.

Caitlin, I've copied your muffin recipe so I'll have to try it when thing's aren't so busy around here....

G2G now...hope you guys have a great weekend....






Sunday, 11 March 2012

My thoughts today...

Better late than never....

classic me, behind the times, only just watched the movie 'I am Number Four' last night when it's been out for ages. :P
I really, really liked it!
Teresa Palmer played a kick-ass character who is so awesome!! Alex Pettyfer (*sigh*) was as hot as always playing the main character John Smith.
It was also nice seeing Dianna Agron play someone other than Quinn in Glee, and I can relate to her character a lot.

But it was new comer Callan McAuliffe (is that how you spell his name?) who I loved. Not only is he Aussie (WOOT!) but he is cute too. He plays Sam, John's  (geeky but cool) best mate. Expect to see a lot more of him! Remember, you heard it here first!

The fighting scenes were absolutely EPIC and the whole story line was woven so well I was entranced until the very end.

If you haven't seen it yet.....I very highly reccomend you see it!! ♥

Anyone reading this who has already seen it.....any idea when the second one is coming out, coz I'm dying to know!!

Lots of love




Monday, 5 March 2012

A quick note at 9:33pm on a Monday night

My world seems to revolve around work these days. Work at school, work at home with packing boxes to move to our new house, homework to fit in at home! I manage to squeeze in time to on on Blogger, check my emails on Hotmail and watch TV but everything is moving so fast!!
With things on after school most weeknights, I have to be ultra prepared! And I am not a really organised person!
I am hanging in there.....just. My favourite time of day is collapsing into bed after a long day, switching on my IPod and fading into a different where my two fave musos at the moment (Reece Mastin + Angus and Julia Stone) rule.

G2G my lovelies, my favourite time of day awaits!!




Thursday, 1 March 2012

I love you, but do you love me? feels like a no. Like that time I spotted you looking at that girl a few seats away, who I have always suspected you have liked. Or like that time I glanced over you so many times during that English lesson...and you didn't look at me once.

Other feels like a yes. Like when I caught you looking at me...more than once. Or like that time when we talked and it felt like we've been friends for years when in reality we are in completely different friendship groups and don't really assosciate.

Sometimes....I think I don't really know you. Sometimes...I want to stop loving you because deep down, I feel like something will never happen. heart has decided over my head. And when my heart makes a desiscion....well...there's no turning back coz my heart has a very strong character and won't give up without a fight.

~ a poem to somebody I love which I wrote because I felt like it.