Sunday, 25 November 2012

~This Week Im Loving~

This week im loving (in no particular order btw):

1. Once Upon A Time. OMG apart from The X Factor and Glee of course, Once Upon A Time would have to be my most favourite TV show EVER! no joke, it is simply amazeballs.

2. The Warmer Weather. Dont get me wrong I hate what comes with summer- sun burn, flies, mosquitos, nose bleed, sweat, etc. But I LOVE some of the other stuff that does though- hot shirtless guys, wearing thongs everywhere (i mean the shoes as in flip flops for my americian readers), being able to swim in my pool pretty much every day, and the BEACH!

3. The Fact That Its Nearly Christmas! The silly season would have to be my favourite of all (wait, maybe a tie with easter) because not only are people happy because its nearly the end of school but its nearly time for CHRISTMAS which means presents, yummy food and family time ♥

4. Polyvore. No seriously....I am. and y'know what the best thing is? well, one of the best things anyway. is that i started the craze with my friends! you see, at school obviously Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are blocked (not that i have any of those, but my pals do) so me and my friends are always looking for a cool (not blocked) website to go on to pass the time. then I found POLYVORE and ive managed to get about six of my friends on it which is really cool!

5. Tiny Towers. Y'know, the app you can get on your IPod or IPhone? i seriously cant get enough of it. what is there not to love about little mini people with tiny feat and different names and moustaches getting jobs? sorry if i sound a bit weird here :P

6. The ITunes Free Single Of The Week. The best way to score a free tune to listen to. they generally have pretty good ones up for grabs so keep an eye on the ITunes store every week! 

7. Glee. Before you say "WHAT AGAIN WITH THE TV SHOWS?!" its because glee is a freaking awesome show. i lurrrve the new season!!!!!

8. Me. Yep, its true. not being vain or anything but i just generally feel happy with who i am.

9. My Blogger Friends. Yep, Im looking at you guys (Nava, Bonnee, Janaya, etc). You guys are awesome!!!

10. Reading. Even though i struggle to fit in time to read much these days, its still my favourite pastime.

until next time, stay cool!

lots of love from EJ xxx


  1. Agreed - Glee is amazing! I am loving the new season too. I can't believe X Factor is over, though. What will I watch on Monday nights now?? Arghhh! So glad Sammi won, though. Yay Perth ;)

    Hooray for summer, too. I love it, even if the flies are a bit annoying and i burn really easily. it's worth it.

    Plus, I'm sooooooooooo excited for Christmas. I just love it so much. Favourite holiday, hands down. I do love chocolate too, so easter is a close second, I guess!

    Have a good week :)

    1. Hey Maya! :D its nice to see you're back and blogging ♥

      and IKR glee is amazinggg! who's your fave character? :o ive got to say maybe Marley? but its a hard one! im so psyched for the 'Grease' themed episode tomorrow!! and my monday nights are mega boring now too o_O nothing to watchhhh oh and did you hear about Sammi's song being number 1 on ITunes? shes doing really well :)

      and i get burnt easy too :( not a good thing about being pale

      yeah i love Christmas too but im a major chocolaholic so easter is always very close behind... ;)

      anyway, you have a good week too :)

  2. My sister brought my mother Once Upon a Time for Christmas! I definitely focus on the positives when it come to this warmer weather. How did you like the X-Factor grand final? I'm glad Samantha Jade won, though I would have been happier with Jason. OMG CHRISTMAS IS SOON WHAT ARE YOU HOPING TO GET?! :) And my best mate is absolutely OBSESSED with Tiny Towers. To the point where she can't do anything else on it because she's done everything she can possibly do. I think she needs a life...
    Glad to hear you're having a good week. :) Keep smiling!

    1. Heya Bonnee!
      i lurvee once upon a time! :D have you watched it?
      and i know even though the past couple of days have been really hot today was odd it was a mixture of heavy rain and blue skies :/ weird!!!
      and yeah I was pretty happy with the grand final! sad that its over though. now ive got nothing to watch on monday nights :(

      anyway, i actually dont know what im hoping to get ;) my birthday was only last month so idk!

      and i dont think im THAT obsessed with tiny towers :D but i like it!!!

      you have a great week too ♥

    2. I've watched some of Once Upon a Time. I want to see more! I think it's really good :) Bloody weather is always PMSing around here, isn't it?! I just hope it really does warm up in December... I have a week-long date with the beach at the end of next week! (then I'm going to Queensland, hehe!)

    3. Hey remember once upon a time is on every tuesday and thursday at 7:30pm ;) also have you seen 'Grimm'? its a new show that i watched last night. its kind of like once upon a time but a bit more...idk....gruesome, coz its M+ instead of PG like once upon a time but i like it! :D

      anyway IKR the weather is CRAZY! but today its 38 degrees! :O im nearly melting hahaha

      and OMG your so lucky! Queensland is awesome♥ ever been there before? xx

    4. I work Tuesday nights and I generally try to stay in my room whenever possible if staying with my mother. Haha :) I saw the ads to Grim last week and I thought it was Once Upon a Time at first but then I didn't recognize any characters... haha :) I want to see that too. The more gruesome, the better!

      Wow, you got to 38? It only got to 33 here, and that was certainly warm enough for me :) Time to bring out the sunscreen aye?

      Been to QLD once before back in '04. Only went to the beach once and it was really bad weather so it wasn't nice!

    5. hey! wow where do you work? I want to get a job but ill be old enough next year.
      anyway you should watch Grimm its really good :D and if you like gruesome you'll like Grimm coz there were some pretty gross bits in it last week ;)

      anyway yeah it got to 38 :/ i nearly died of heat hahaha but today was better as in temperature wise, but the humidity was unbearable!

      i went to QLD last year and it is amazing :D

    6. I work in a locally owned pizza shop. My uncle started it up and runs it :) It sucks working near the over in the heat... I WANT NEXT WEEK TO BE HOT AND I DON'T CARE IF IT'S HUMID BUT IT BETTER JUST NOT BE COLD OR I'LL BE REALLY MAD AND MY DATE WITH THE BEACH WILL BE RUINED! :'(

    7. ooh a pizza shop! :D do you get free pizzas?

  3. You know what so good from reading your blog? Realizing you have my name in one of your post, that is! :D You rock ma world as well, EJ... Yep, christmas is slowly coming tho I don't celebrate it :D But I can hear those christmas songs being played often day by day and what I love the most when it comes to year end is the shopping time! Discounts everywhere yeah \m/

    I don't get it how Facebook Twitter and Tumblr get blocked. Tumblr is a place for inspirations :O

    1. hey Nava! how are you my friend? ♥
      and hey you are one of my best friends on blogger so having your name in my post was desereved :D
      and wow you dont celebrate Christmas? :O what things do you celebrate?
      anyway YES the discounts are amazing hahaha

      and i think they block them because if they didnt students would be on them all day instead of doing work ;P


    2. I'm a moslem that's why I don't celebrate christmas B) You're one of my best blogger friend too! You inspire me with all your posts and always know how to pick the right words to express yourself... Ily and your brain <3

      Now that makes sense! :D I wonder how kids in Australia study!

    3. hey thats cool! i dont have a religion :)
      and omg thanks for the kind words! your too sweet ♥

      but i still go on polyvore sometimes instead of FB and the others ;)

  4. new glee episode tonight! yay! my favourite character is always going to be kurt. god, i love that kid. the new kids seem pretty cool too, though. puck's brother is cute ;) and marley has an amazing voice!
    roll on 7:30 hahaha

    and in reply to your comment on my post, don't worry about 'copying' my post thing. i'm glad you did. it's cool to see what other people are up to and enjoying this week. we like lots of the same things so thats awesome. and yeah, i saw that Sammi's song was on itunes at number one. i'm so happy for her! wish i could go to the x factor live tour, but no one will go with me because they think it's lame. hahahah i love lame.

    1. Glee was awesome, as always.yes puck's brother is pretty cute! i think he's basically filled Puck's 'bad boy' role in the show now!
      and hey Did you see that episode when like, pretty much ALL the couples broke up? (eg: Finn + Rachel, Santana + Brittany, Kurt + Blaine) that was crazy! :o

      thats good you dont mind about me copying your post ;) i really liked the idea!

      and i know the live tour would be amazing but i dont have tickets hahaha