Saturday, 23 March 2013

Case re-opened. ~ Sherlock Holmes

{WELCOME to another episode of the TALE OF EJ'S VERY INTERESTING BUT SOMETIMES QUITE DULL BUT OTHERWISE FULL OF MAGIC AND HOMEWORK LIFE please get comfortable and if you forgot to buy popcorn at the counter how very unfortunate for you because now you will have to read this without enjoying the taste of buttery goodness in between your lips so you will instead have to focus your attention on what I am about to tell you so please as I said before switch off all mobile phones and please enjoy yourself}

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episode 135678432.

Helloooooooo dere :-) 
how is you, dear reader? In case your wondering the above ^^^^^ little introduction piece is just me being silly. I thought itd be nice to start off a post a little different!! 
Anyway, in case your have been wondering, no I havent disappeared off the face of the earth, I am still very much alive. But I have had the flu for a few weeks and I know I know that is no excuse for not blogging but let me explain myself. I just havent had very much to blog about, but now I have decided to get up off my butt and let all you people know what has been happening!

Well, as from tomorrow (Monday) it is my last week of school for term 1! Yay :DDD ! These holidays are going to be quite significant ones becauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~drumroll please~

...........................................................................................................IM GOIN TO JAPAN!
for about two weeks, which are my holidays so pretty much as soon as we get back ill have about a days rest then BOOM back to school but im not thinkin that far head yet. Im just going to get through this week first.
Which is going to be full of= lots of homework and exams, majority of my teachers are trying to cram as much as they can into us before holidays and getting us to finish off as much work as possible and do as many exams as they can throw at us for our reports. In one word that is EWWW because I absolutely hate homework >:(
but im thinking of the positives (well, trying to anyway) so ill stop talking about school because-e its still Sunday and Ive got the rest of this day to publish this post, wash my hair and maybe finish some last minute homework things for this week if Im lucky.

Ok, now to the title of this post. I have used a Sherlock Holmes quote becausee I have spent my Sunday morning watching the 2nd Sherlock Holmes movie called Sherlock Holmes a Game of Shadows. This is a (so far) two movie series featuring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law which I loveee. I just looked it up and saw a third one is going to be released but no dates or anything like that have been confirmed yet! Bummer!

But while we're on the topic of movies, Im just gonna put it out there that there are some movies I wanna see that are out at the moment but I cant because Im saving as much cashola as I can for Japan, you see. I would like to see Oz the Great + Powerful and Beautiful Creatures mainly, but I guess Ill have to wait till they come out on DVD....booo.....
but the rest of this year is going to be releasing many movies I am keen to see: Catching Fire, Iron Man 3 (or is it 4? I really dont know), the 2nd Thor movie, and im sure theres more but i cant remember any more. But movies are really my thaaang, if you know what I mean.

And y'know whats weird? Even though I am a proud 90s child (part of the dying race) I have really begun to like a big fad from the 80s. What is it, you may ask? The Lost Boys. Chances are your parents have probably seen it in their teenage-hood. Ive gotta say I luuuuurve it!! Its quite old school but its appeal has really caught on to me. Trouble is, nobody else in my age group like it. I feel almost as if I should have been an 80s teenager for the period of time The Lost Boys were a big thing. Because now its kind of depressing, only one of my friends has seen it and likes it and the rest are like "huh? the lost boys? ohh yeahh, isnt that that old vampire movie? i havent seen it.."
if you havent seen it i reccomend you do give it a go. the only reason I did was.............well, let me go into the story.

Mum has shared with me some of her favourite/classic/from her era movies such as The Sound of Music, Little Women, Top Gun, Ferris Buellers Day Off, Waynes World, Dirty Dancing, etc. But Dad hasnt shared very much with me, and I have quite a long list of movies he liked as a teen id like to watch, and he started it off with The Lost Boys. and what can I say, the rest is history!!

anyway, its nearly three o'clock and I needa go wash my hairrr for the LAST WEEK OF TERM (needa keep reminding myself bout that) so I better gooo. Hope you enjoyed this little update into my life, and ill be sure to post some photos from Japan in an upcoming post!!

till next time,



Friday, 1 March 2013

Nothing to blog about

Im being serious when saying this---I have nothing to blog about. Which is why I am blogging about not having anything to blog about. Which is kind of a mouthful I know but its true. Nothing amazing or dramatic has happened in my life recently, well, nothing big enough to blog about. I have spent most of today home alone, watching Saturday morning television, cleaning (i didnt have a say in this) and eating, shh. And also cuddling with my cat. My week has consisted of school, school, school. Funny that. 

Ok, since I can already foresee if I continue on this post like I have been its going to be incredibly boring, I'm going to change things up a bit. Something to make this post more interesting. Mmkays, here I go.

SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD// It's Time- Imagine Dragons
WHAT I HAVE DONE TODAY// It's been a real lazy day sooo: slept, watched tv, eat, i was home alone 
TIME// 5:53pm
DATE// 2nd March 
PLANS FOR TOMORROW// Dont really have any hahaa
WEARING// Beanie, singlet, shorts + leggings
WEATHER// Sunny with a chance of...umm....idk

sorry for the unbelieveably boring blog post, just thought I should do one to let you all know im still alive and havent died or anything like that.

till next time,