Thursday, 28 June 2012

It really is all over.....(for now)

Hello again! Did you miss me? :-)

Today is my last day of school. Don't get me wrong, I am totally looking forward to a nice two week break, but for some reason I feel odd. NO WAY, I don't miss school! The conclusion I have come to is this- I think I have been waiting and waiting for this day to come, and now it's finally here, it feels like time has gone too fast. Do you know what I mean? Like, whenever I woke up on a Monday morning I was thinking- 'I wish it was the holidays so I wouldn't have to go to school!' also, whenever that double of Maths class rolled around every Tuesday I was thinking- 'I could be at the beach right now, if it was the holidays! Not doing Maths in a smelly old classroom.' But now, the holidays have started, and I'm sitting in the school library, waiting for Dad (who's a teacher, for those of you who don't know) and writing all this down.

Today the forecast was rain--but surprisingly there is blue sky and white fluffy clouds all round. The only downside is that the wind is quite choppy and it's still cold. I don't know why, or how, but I find that good weather lifts people's spirits. ♥

We had a different piano teacher today, I'm not sure why to be honest. We usually just sit at a keyboard and practise, but this new teacher said "How about we have a mini concert!"
everyone groaned at this, but the teacher didn't let that dampen her enthusiasm. "Come on, I'm sure you've all got pieces you can play!" So we all sat down on the floor like we're back in primary school, and watched as each person went up and performed a piece. I've got to say, it was better than just sitting there, playing non-stop for a whole hour as we usually do. A nice change, I suppose.

I also had English. Advanced English, btw. So my class is a large mix of different year levels, but anyway....the second last English class she gave us $20 worth of hot chips. Mmmmm yummy! But don't worry, the class finished them off quick! And today she gave us lollies---not saying that I'm complaining, but I have a teeny tiny feeling that she's trying to win our affection or something but how would I know? The main reason I think that is because none of my other teachers gave us anything, so.........

I don't really have much planned for my holidays, except for my cousins coming for a week. It'll be nice to see them again, they haven't even seen my new house yet!!

Well I'm going to go now, love you all,



Monday, 25 June 2012

From a phone!!

Heya my lovely readers! Hope you are a having a lovely week so far. So, as my blog title suggests, i'm writing this from a mobile phone! (mum's, if you wanna know!) it is so different from using a computer--so much smaller! But I suppose I better get used to it with technology these days... Well Monday was a pretty good day for me, once I got over that initial 'I hate Mondays!' syndrome. The highlight was science. I know I am as surprised as you are- I usually HATE science, as my regular readers would already know. ;) But I actually enjoyed science! I finished my rocket (with the help of two lovely MALE classmates!) and went outside onto the oval with my grade and we set the rockets off! Mine did very well, thanks for asking! (out of the ones of us who launched our rockets, Nate and I had the highest ones.) which I'm pretty proud of! The rest of the day was pretty so-so, but for some weird reason, I really enjoyed science! Maybe it wuz coz I had a good chat with some people I usually don't but who were really nice) or whether I got my rocket finished (FINALLY!), I don't know, so don't ask!! Today (Tuesday) was okay. As usual. Tuesday's are my least favourite days of the week so what could I expect?? It was ok--the main thing that got me through was the thought that 'it's nearly the end of the term!' Well, my friends, I better sign off now. There is free wi-fi at the library (where I am) do I'm gonna do some Internet surfing before my time runs out!! Love EJ xxxxx

Friday, 22 June 2012

A mixture of two...

Hey guys!

This post is going to be a mixture of two things--one is just the usual, and two is the FACTS ABOUT ME bit that my friend Nava ( has reccomended I do. But first and foremost- about my life at the moment :P

Well today is Friday (woo hoo!) and I am mega excited for the weekend, coz it's the last weekend till the HOLIDAYS!!! Yayayayayayay I need a break despreatly and thankfully one is coming! and it's only a week away!

Today wasn't actually that bad. I had the usual subjects, and the day went by pretty smoothly, easily, and I had a great time with my mates in each class. The only downside to today was that it was rainy, cold, get the picture! Actually, it's been pretty miserable weather all week, but it's winter, so what do you expect I guess.

I don't really have any plans for the weekend...might be going to go and see Brave in 2D at my local cinema, you might have heard of it, it's Disney Pixar's latest. But I know a definite must-see for me is Snow White and the Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth. It looks amazing and it's had really good reviews, so I can't wait for that to be released! (some time next week, I think....?)

Okay well now I'm going to do the facts part of my post, and then sign off and wait till all my lovely readers comment---okay here we go!

♥ I am really cranky in the mornings when I am woken up early
♥ I love weekends and holidays
♥ I usually go for the natural sort of look- mascara at the most, but usually just a dap of lip gloss and I go.
♥ As much as I like wearing heels (they make my legs look longer!) I can't go part a pair of comfy sneakers (CONS!!!)
♥ My celeb crush at the moment is Reece Mastin
♥ I love music and play the piano 
♥ I used to dislike One Direction, but now I'm a converted Directioner.
♥ I am best at English and Music subjects---I hate Math
♥ I enjoy watching TV- just a few of my fave shows are The X Factor, The Voice, Once Upon A Time, Glee, The Glee Project.
♥ I am currently studying Indonesian at school, but I don't think I will be pursuing it next year. I also know snippets of French and Japanese.
♥ I enjoy most kinds of music---not heavy metal though. I only listen to heavy metal when I'm angry. :P
♥ I love reading and writing
♥ I am an Australian teen
♥ I just did well in my Music test and got full marks in a Science test!!
♥ I still like the guy I've liked since fifth grade
♥ Don't you dare offer me one piece of chocolate--three at the least! One is just a tease!!
♥ I know water is good for you, but I don't think I drink enough. :(
♥ I love jewelry, but don't have my ears pierced
♥ I don't have a mobile phone (but I'm working on it!) Facebook or Twitter
♥ I have a small group of close friends
♥ I go to Karate classes every Wednesday evening (5:30pm-6:30pm)
♥ I love my food
♥ I am a crazy-fast typer 
♥ I have been on Blogger since last year---I think.
  ♥ I like reading celeb gossip
♥ I have long, brown hair and blue/green eyes
  ♥ I have one younger brother
♥ I love family so damn much. xxxx
♥ I am in an advanced English class
♥ My fave colour would have to be purple
♥ The last time I had a big belly laugh was today with my friends
♥ I am pretty quiet when you first meet me and in class at school--but otherwise I am pretty loud!
♥ I love Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, etc
♥ I have one pet cat and one pet dog
♥ When I get older, I am going to write a really popular, best-selling book and then star in the movie of it.
♥ I love listening to the radio, so I know all the latest hits
♥ My birthday is the 27th of October.

Catch ya later guys!

♥ EJ


Monday, 18 June 2012

'Tis only Tuesday......

Yes, 'tis only Tuesday but quite a lot has happened. Yeah, you heard right.

Last night was The Voice Australia grand final! I love The Voice so much-it has become one of my favourite TV shows! Karise Eden was such a worthy winner, a huge WELL DONE to her! If you haven't heard her voice yet, make sure you do! Just type it in on YouTube and you'll be amazed at what you hear!! Even though I'm not sure it's yet been confirmed, I'm sure there will be another season of The Voice Australia because it has done so damn well on television! Here are some photos I just happened to find on the net-
The four judges of The Voice Australia (from left)- Seal, Joel Madden, Delta Goodrem, Keith Urban.

Karise Eden, the NSW girl with the huge, amazing, absolutely unique voice. 1st place on The Voice Australia and member of Team Seal.

Sarah De Bono, the sweet red-head with a simply amazing voice. 4th place on The Voice Australia and member of Team Joel.

Rachael Leahcar, the blind girl whose voice stopped Australia. 3rd place on The Voice Australia and member of Team Delta.

Darren Percival, the religious singer with the magical voice. 2nd place on The Voice Australia and  member of Team Keith.


The Voice is such a great TV show and I am looking forward to the next season.

Okay, moving on! I'll stop going all fan-girl over The Voice now, hahaha! :D

 Well today is my least favourite day of the week, which my regular readers would know quite well. :P
it has the dreaded three- Maths, Science, and Sport. Ugh ugh ugh ugh! But I survived it, and the best thing is that I have only one Tuesday left until next semester when my timetable changes! so there will be no more dreaded Tuesday! Yay! :-)

I would write more my friends, but I have to go home now (I am sitting in the school library at 4:35pm) to eat some food and watch Once Upon A Time on TV!

Ta ta for now, I may either make a later edit or a new post explaining some more.

Love EJ

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cannot think of a good enough title!

I'm being honest here....I've just spent about the past half hour trying to think of a smart, clever, witty enough title for this post. And, obviously, I haven't thought of anything. So I decided to call it Cannot think of a good enough title! and actually begin writing about the stuff you would be interested in. Hmm, okay.

Well, although today is Thursday, it is the last day of the week!!! Before the words 'what the hell is she on about? the last day of the week is Friday!' creep into your head, I'll explain. Tomorrow is the teacher's report writing day. Eeek I know reports are pretty scary! Although I'll admit I haven't had a bad report to date, I still get worked up about it. Especially for Science and Math, my two least favourite subjects. But ANYWAY, I'm going to forget about that and remember that tomorrow is FRIDAY and I HAVE A DAY OFF SCHOOL!!! *cue crowd cheering here*

oh, and also, tomorrow is my brother, Rory's birthday. Happy birthday Rory, if you ever read this, which is very unlikely. but happy birthday anyway. ♥ 

Boys can be such idiots sometimes! Honestly, some of the guys at school act like such boofheads you'd think they were still in fifth grade. Sometimes, I wish boys matured earlier than girls, so they'd actually have some respect, because most of them seem to have none.

Right, my day. Nothing overly exciting---nothing exciting enough to blog about, anyway. But trust me, when there is, I'll definitely tell you. :)

Okay, listen up people! I have a new fave word------velvet. I just love the way it rolls off your tongue....try it! Go on! say velvet out loud! isn't it funny what your tongue does? it goes up and down inside your mouth! hahahahaha well that was random, wasn't it? I'm in a random mood, hahahahaha :D

Well, like before when I did the conscience/mind thing, I am sitting in the library, in the dark (apart from the computer screen, of course) and it is 5:10pm. But, things are different--Rory (my brother) is here with me this time! Say hi Rory! *Rory shoots me an 'as if!' look* hahaha well I guess it is weird talking to the computer, but anyway! I am not stressing out coz he's here hahahaha  I know that sounds corny it sounds like I'm talking about a boyfriend or something like that but I'm talking about my brother sorry you romantics out there! ☻

Okey dokey, I'm going to stop writing now. Please comment---it was simply amazing how many comments I got on my last post.  Thank you sooo much for commenting, and I appreciate and will reply to every comment.

See you later,



Saturday, 9 June 2012

Bring on Spring!

I know I know winter has barely even started over here but I'm missing nice, warm weather already. Shorts and skirts usually look more flattering than pants, don't you think? Well,  do. And I am missing my denim cut-offs terribly. But, I've gotta say, I love wearing my skinny-leg jeans with Cons. A match made in heaven. ;)

Alright, well this weekend (so far!) has been awesome. I've had family over and seeing everybody again has been awesome. Pity they're all leaving tomorrow. :(
It has been absolutely lovely seeing you all again and if any of you somehow stumble across this blog, let me know coz I'd be really interested to know how you did!!

I baked chocolate cake with Meg (my aunty) today and it was so cool. It was just from a packet, and we've still gotta put frosting on, but it was made with love. ♥ But, ours is gonna be extra special---here's the trick. You buy one block of either white or milk chocolate (I find milk works better) and melt it all, and then use spoons and draw pictures with it onto baking paper (we also used some cookie cutters, which worked a treat!) and then put it in the fridge, and when they're dried stick them in the cake!! Even if you just dribble it everywhere, it works out great when it's dried out!!

A big thank you to Bonnee, Chanelle, Janaya and Sera, who are the most recent people who commented on my blog. I love reading what you have to say, so keep the comments coming! That's what I love about Blogger---it's like a virtual diary, but people get to comment, which definitely doesn't happen with real diaries! So a big thank you to you all, I'll always try to check out your blogs in return, if the computer isn't too slow. xxxxx

Well, I better go grab my essentials out of my room--tonight my other Aunty and her daughter are sleeping in my room and I'm gonna be on a stretcher in another room, so I better go grab my stuff quickly so they can have some privacy later. 


♥ EJ


Friday, 8 June 2012

Home safe and sound. ;)

To get my blog title you'd really have to have read my previous post. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and read it!! I'll be waiting when you get back.......

Okay, well I just had the most delicious roast pork, pumpkin, carrot, potato, peas and corn, and gravy than you would ever taste! My Nan is such a good cook it's not you Nan! xx My belly is nice and full now from all that waiting time in the library.

well I'm going to go now, my friends. I think I've been on the computer long enough for one day. 




I have a bad feeling....

I just had this really freaky feeling. I am sitting in the school library waiting for Dad after school (coz he's a teacher at my school he usually drives me home) but here's the freaky bit. I just had this thought-----what if Dad's left and has forgotten I'm in here??? Man, I am freaking myself out right now!!!!! :O :O :O :O :O

 MY CONSCIENCE- Relax, EJ. Deep breaths. Dad hasn't forgot about you. He's just really busy. Working hard. He's doing reports, remember? So he's just taking a while. 

 MY MIND- But it's  5:00pm!!!!! He wouldn't take that long, would he?? OMG he's forgotten he's forgotten he's forgotten...

MY CONSCIENCE- Don't be silly. Of course he hasn't forgotten.

MY MIND- But remember, he has joked about forgetting you here before, remember? One time he was late and I thought he had forgotten & when I told him that he thought it was pretty funny?

 MY CONSCIENCE- He's just late, EJ. Stop stressing. Even if he did forget you, he'd drive back and get you immediately when he realised.

MY MIND- AHA! You just admitted it! You think he's forgotten me!

MY CONSCIENCE- Oh for Gods sake EJ! Stop jumping to conclusions! I said 'even' if he did forget you, not that he did....

MY MIND- Same thing!!

MY CONSCIENCE- It is not!!! Stop arguing with me and just believe me for once, would you???

MY MIND- You know that quote, always trust your gut instinct? Well, my gut instinct is that he's forgotten me!

MY CONSCIENCE- Well....I've told you.....when he walks through that door in a minute you'll regret not listening to me.....

MY MIND- *ignoring conscience* Well, the library does have couches to sleep on....but what about food?? I might have to go in the staffroom and look in the fridge. I've got my drink bottle, so I'll be fine with water. Same with the toilets, there's school toilets. I won't be short of enterainment with all these books around...

MY CONSCIENCE- Look, out there! It's the rubbish man. If you're really that worried, go out and talk to him! Dad is friends with him, remember?

MY MIND- No!! That'd be way too embarrassing, let alone awkward!! "Oh, excuse me, I think my Dad's forgotten me. You know him....he teaches here. Could you ring him up?"

MY CONSCIENCE: You better publish this post, I think I can hear him coming...

MY MIND- Liar! He is not coming!!

MY CONSCIENCE- He has not left!!

MY MIND- The rubbish man has just left!!! And he's always the last one left at school!!!

MY CONSCIENCE- Well, he's not today, ok? Dad hasn't forgotten!

MY MIND- OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG he's forgotten he's forgotten he's forgotten

MY CONSCIENCE- Well, if all goes wrong, just dance the tango whilst eating a hamburger.

MY MIND- are weird.

MY CONSCIENCE- I'll take that as a compliment.


MY CONSCIENCE- Well, go look for him if you want to.

MY MIND- That's actually a good idea....but what if he isn't here? The other teachers will have a real good laugh!

MY CONSCIENCE- HEY HEY HEY LOOK! There's the rubbish man! See, he has not left so that means Dad is still here!

MY MIND- What does that prove??

MY CONSCIENCE- HEY HEY HEY LOOK! The lights are still on in the co-ordinators office!

MY MIND- Yeah, so what? Dad still could have left.

MY CONSCIENCE- I bet there's a meeting.


MY CONSCIENCE- Calm down, calm down. There's just here for the talent quest thing tonight. Remember, School's Got Talent?

MY MIND- OMG how embarrassing!! Hey, wait a sec, if I have $5 I could actually go watch it!

MY CONSCIENCE- First, you don't have $5. Second, Dad is going to come in and drive you home.

MY MIND- OMFG OMFG OMFG it is 5:20pm!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN FORGOTTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY CONSCIENCE- I'm not even going to bother to re-assure you, you wouldn't listen anyway.

MY MIND- Well, you got that right!

DAD- *entering the room*  why hello Miss Writing In The Dark


ME- Oh, hi Dad.


DAD- I'm just packing up, I'll meet you at my desk.


ME- Okay.


MY MIND- *deeply embarrassed and ashamed of ever thinking Dad would forget me*


MY CONSCIENCE- Told you so. ;)


Heya guys. Well, turns out Dad was working on reports. Hahaha, man, now you know what I mean by having an over-active imagination!!!

Bye for now, lovelies! 


Thursday, 7 June 2012

How did Friday come so damn quickly???

Honestly, it's unbelieveable. One second it's Monday morning and I'm complaining (as usual) next minute it's Friday afternoon and I'm writing this post. I know I've said it before, but time is going so quick!

Okay, well today, it was a nice + sunny Friday. But somehow it was still cold. I have no idea how! So the weather was bright and cheery, so that meant I was bright and cheery! Oh, also, today I experimented with my look, rocking a beanie!! Hahaha nobody is used to it so I turned a few heads!!

This weekend (it's a long weekend coz of the Queen's birthday) I have heaps of family coming up. It'll be so much fun! We're going to roast marshmallows around the fire pit, chat and catch up (coz we haven't seen each other since Christmas!!) and eat lots of naughty food that my grandparents and, uncharateristically, my Mum have bought. Not saying I'm complaining though!!

Well, as you might have seen from a few of my other posts, I am a member of, and have been for quite a while now. I am getting slightly addicted to it. It's kind of like Facebook, but you don't just chat or comment. You get to get creative and make collages, enter competitions, etc etc. Check it out!!

Okey dokey, I'm going to go now....catch ya later!!

♥ EJ

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Watch this if you want to totally ROFL!

Hey guys! Well, I'm just quickly reccomending something I just found then. If you've heard of the band One Direction (who hasn't?) you'll love this. It is sooooo funny and it's not just for fans to watch! I'm not a huge fan but I enjoyed it just the same. But you'll have to know a little bit about the boys for it all to make perfect sense but even if you don't, you'll enjoy it just the same!

So, what are you waiting for? If I reccomended it, it must be worth watching! Click this url-

Catch ya later,

♥ EJ