Monday, 18 June 2012

'Tis only Tuesday......

Yes, 'tis only Tuesday but quite a lot has happened. Yeah, you heard right.

Last night was The Voice Australia grand final! I love The Voice so much-it has become one of my favourite TV shows! Karise Eden was such a worthy winner, a huge WELL DONE to her! If you haven't heard her voice yet, make sure you do! Just type it in on YouTube and you'll be amazed at what you hear!! Even though I'm not sure it's yet been confirmed, I'm sure there will be another season of The Voice Australia because it has done so damn well on television! Here are some photos I just happened to find on the net-
The four judges of The Voice Australia (from left)- Seal, Joel Madden, Delta Goodrem, Keith Urban.

Karise Eden, the NSW girl with the huge, amazing, absolutely unique voice. 1st place on The Voice Australia and member of Team Seal.

Sarah De Bono, the sweet red-head with a simply amazing voice. 4th place on The Voice Australia and member of Team Joel.

Rachael Leahcar, the blind girl whose voice stopped Australia. 3rd place on The Voice Australia and member of Team Delta.

Darren Percival, the religious singer with the magical voice. 2nd place on The Voice Australia and  member of Team Keith.


The Voice is such a great TV show and I am looking forward to the next season.

Okay, moving on! I'll stop going all fan-girl over The Voice now, hahaha! :D

 Well today is my least favourite day of the week, which my regular readers would know quite well. :P
it has the dreaded three- Maths, Science, and Sport. Ugh ugh ugh ugh! But I survived it, and the best thing is that I have only one Tuesday left until next semester when my timetable changes! so there will be no more dreaded Tuesday! Yay! :-)

I would write more my friends, but I have to go home now (I am sitting in the school library at 4:35pm) to eat some food and watch Once Upon A Time on TV!

Ta ta for now, I may either make a later edit or a new post explaining some more.

Love EJ


  1. i've been so busy with school that i didn't really get the chance to watch every single episode of The Voice (sucks, I know!).
    i did see Karise's first audition, though, and her final performances. She was defs the best voice in the show. I must say I'm a bit disappointed that sarah came fourth! she was the best after Karise in my opinion. Her original song was amazing.

    hehe, i hate tuesdays too, but mine aren't even going to change next semester. i have maths, chemistry, biology and sport on tuesdays. ugh. my least favourite day, definitely.

    1. Hi Maya!
      Yeah that does suck! Even though I have tried to watch each episode, I've missed some too. :( but I've been able to watch the replays every Saturday night, though.
      I know, Karise is so amazing. Her voice is so unique!! I know, I was sooooo surprised that Sarah came 4th too!! Honestly, I thought Rachael would have come last....but anyway.....

      I know, Tuesdays are horrible. but I always remember- without Tuesday Friday won't come. ;)
      awwww poor you, that must be so annoying not being able to change what subjects you have!! Hahaha your Tuesday is nearly the same as mine, hahaha!

      Hope you surivived your Tuesday okay.


  2. love rachael leahcar so much :* she's beautiful and pweeetttyy! i haven't watched TV for centuries. but when i do, i watch master chef australia a lot :D

    1. Rachael is very pretty, I know! her voice is great too. ♥
      I have never actually watched very much of masterchef---is it very good??


  3. hello ej!
    it sounds like a great show. im glad you only have 1 more dreaded tuesday left

    1. hey Janaya!
      yeah it is a great show! :-) so sad it's finished.
      hahaha I'm glad I've only got one Tuesday left too!

  4. I haven't followed The Voice so much... The people I love on those shows never win. Like I wanted Declan to win X-Factor... he was such a cutie!!!

    You're lucky, your timetable changes at the end of semester. Mine doesn't. Stupid yr 11 and 12. Set timetable for the whole year.

    Tuesday... I know you're in Australia, did you feel the earthquake later on Tuesday night, or are you not in the same area as me?

    1. Hey Bonnee,
      Hahaha well you missed out! ;)
      Yeah Declan was really awesome! I haven't heard much from him since X Factor---have you?

      I feel sorry for you. Grrr that must be sooo annoying! :P
      yeah, I guess I am pretty lucky.

      Hahahaha the earthquake!! I actually didn't feel it (I have no idea what I was doing!!) but my Dad did, and he was just a room across from me! so I dunno why I didn't feel it! It's all over the news, etc...did you??