Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wednesday....the busiest day of the week

Hey there. Hardly anyone checks my blog anymore, but I don't mind.
 I write on here anyway, even if no one comments, it's for my own amusement. ;)

It's Wednesday, and I am currently in Science class. I know I know I shouldn't be on here I should be doing work BUT I have already done all my work and I'm waiting for my partner to finish so I've got some time to spare.

Today has been a really full on day, and it's only 2:06pm! After school I've got Karate (from 4:30pm till 5:30pm) which sucks coz I have a bit of homework tonight AND I've gotta watch The Voice on TV tonight as well. Today has been so so so so so busy so so so so full on, and I feel like I could fall asleep on my desk right now, but of course I won't.

Science is probs the only class I really, really dislike (even more than Maths and P.E, and that's saying something!!) mostly coz I don't have any of my friends in this class and Science is not my thing, hehe.

I just had lunch and I had nothing to do except chat to my friends. I'm not saying that I don't like chatting to my pals, but since there was nothing else to do we ended up chatting about the same things over and over again without realising it until one of my friends says "Uhh....you've already told me." LOL don't you hate it when that happens????

This class is mostly made up of loud people and coz I don't have any friends to chat to  (except Amelia* and Beth*, who sit near me but we're not really close friends.)

G2G my friends,



PS- I put the * next to their names coz they're not their real names and I'm not putting them down on here in case they read it or something.


  1. Hey EJ
    Again sorry haven't commented hope your week end is good. I can't stand science math or PE either their really boring.Haha me and my friends talk about alot of the same stuff over and over when we're bored :P

    1. Hey Caitlin
      Nah that's alright I don't mind if you forget to post but I love it when you do. I know I hate those 3 subjects what's your favourite? Mine is probably English, I love reading. ♥ EJ