Tuesday, 24 April 2012

*big sigh* I've got lots to tell you! ☺

Hello my friends! I hope you've all had a nice start to your week.

Well, Mum picked me up from school today and since tomorrow is ANZAC day (and a public holiday, win!) she said "I've got something for us to watch tomorrow," and I said "Umm...what??" and she said "I think it's in my handbag in the back seat," so I grabbed her handbag and fished out the Justin Bieber movie!

Now, before I continue let me set some things straight. Before I watched the movie, I didn't particularly like Justin Bieber, but I didn't exactly hate him either. I disliked him. There, I said it. Before I watched the movie, I thought he looked and sung like a girl. Which I still think now even after the movie, but I've seen him in a new light. Seeing where he grew up, what he's like behind the scenes, his family, friends, crew, everything. I'm not saying I'm a fully converted Belieber just yet, but I like him a lot more than I did before watching the movie. 
So if you're a fan I'm guessing you've already seen it, but if you're not or are sitting on the fence, I recommend it. Even my little brother watched it! It's a different story with my Dad though....he fell asleep about fifteen minutes into it!!!! 

Well, enough about JB. Let me tell you about my day, whether you want to know or not I don't care, I'm gonna tell you anyway.
I had Maths in the morning. We're doing this Maths Challenge with MEGA hard questions which I do NOT want to do, but I have no choice. :(

Then I had Science. My mean teacher made us go out in the cold (it was raining hard outside, and the wind was icy and it was freezing!) and made us record ourselves running across the basketball court, then average it and do this fancy Maths stuff, then compare how fast we run to other animals. Well, this sounds mega pathetic, but I came second last, with the sloth coming in last place. I know I know I bet you're probably laughing right now, but come ON, I was up against a cheetah, lion, and zebra! And I couldn't run that fast in the rain anyway! I know I'm making excuses now... :\

Then I had P.E and we did some soccer. I accidentally kicked the ball in the wrong direction and the other team got a goal. Oops, hehe. 

Tomorrow will be great because it's a public holiday, a much needed one. But I'm gonna go to the 6:30am ANZAC service though, with my Mum and brother (and maybe Dad, if he can be bothered to get out of bed!!) because I think the dawn service is a lot more haunting than the day one. I went last year and I literally had goosebumps! It's a great day to remember our fallen soliders and other members of the armed forces, and the public holiday is pretty awesome too!!

I'm going to go now, BASAP! (Blog As Soon As Possible)

♥ EJ 



  1. Hey EJ
    No I've never seen The Biebs movie but I don't mind a few of his songs and he is slightly cute. Don't tell anyone I said that it's a secret that will stay with you and I. And don't worry I would be the sloth in the race and you would beat me by a land slide. Cuz #1 I look really dumb when i run like super stupid like in the 2nd high school musical movie when Zac Efron is attempting run during the song Bet On It. And would ANZAC day be like our Remembrance day because that is to remember our soldiers who fight now in Afghanistan and who fought in world war 1 and 2. And I don't think it would be possible for me to wake up at 6:30 thats an awful time. Anyways ttyl for now
    Caitlin :) ♥

    1. Hi Caitlin
      Lol I know it's kind of embarrassing to admit to liking him even a little bit! Don't worry, I won't tell anyone, hehe.
      Hahaha I remember that! Zac Efron was REALLY weird in that song, I bet you're not that bad! ;)
      Yeah ANZAC day is like that. we also celebrate Remembrance day too.
      I know I don't know how I woke up at 6:30 to be honest!!
      ♥ EJ