Thursday, 31 May 2012

Click this to read my mind! ;P Or at least, take a look into it.....

Hahahahahahah I knew you couldn't resist having a look, especially after my post title! :D
OKAY, now this post is gonna be a big overload coz I've been storing about a million different things in the back of my head to post, so get comfy!  A-hem, let us begin from Monday night...

Monday night, I was lying in bed and my overactive imagination was going crazy, as usual. Had that cute guy in English class really looked at me or had it been my imagination? That Maths homework that's due on Friday....what if I forget to do it and get a detention? I must get up and write it in my diary now to remember to do it tomorrow night. Oh but I can't, it's 10:30pm and I need my sleep! But you'll get detention! What's more important, detention or sleep?

Well, you get the picture! But the biggest thing on my mind was tomorrow (which was Tuesday, at the time,) coz of the Melbourne Zoo excursion!!! (Melbourne is the captial of my state, and is about a 3-4 hour drive away from my home town, for my readers who don't live in Australia.) I haven't been to Melbourne Zoo for such a long time, the last time I went my brother hadn't even been born (and he's 10 now!!!) so of course I was pretty excited about that. But of course, I had to imagine the worst possible outcomes possible as well. What if I puke on the bus trip? What if I get lost? What if-? But I stop myself. I'm just getting ridiculous. I roll over and listen to the song 'Bella' by Angus and Julia Stone on my IPod and eventually drift asleep.

The next morning, I was woken by the song 'Starships' by Nicki Minaj on my radio. I grumble and see the time is 5:45am. I need to leave school at 7:30am in order to get a full day in at the Zoo. So, much to my digust, I drag myself out of bed and get ready. When I make it to school (eventually!) we wait. and wait. and wait. but the bus doesn't come. Why? Why? Why? Turns out, the bus company said that we didn't book any buses! WTF? we did too, you liars!! But anyway....about half an hour later this bus turned up and we all jumped on and guess what....there weren't enough seats!!! >:(    Talk about bad luck! And this bus was more like a coach- the seats were as comfy as couches! So, some people still standing in the walkway in the centre of the bus coz of the limited amount of seating, we drove back to the bus station thingy and got this bus that seated everyone but had really uncomfy seats. Arrghh.

But eventually we made our way to Melbourne, to the zoo. My legs were all numb from sitting for so long!! We had played the game Sweet and Sour on the bus trip---you wave to randoms out the window either in cars or on the footpath and if they wave they're sweet...and if they don't they're sour.....and then you count up the amount you got. Hahahah small things amuse small minds, I suppose! :P 

Anyway, we first made our way to the Kampung Gajah, which is Indonesian for an elephant park or something as one big group (ohh yeahhh, the reason we came to the zoo was to look at these Indonesian elephants and answer some questions on them...I went with my Indo class.....OMG I can't believe I didn't mention this before!) and saw the elephants! Man I hadn't seen elephants since I was about two years old...they are so cool! But it was a bit crowded so we decided to come back later. Then we were allowed to go into our own little groups to explore the zoo, and it was sooo cool! The baboons were absolutely classic- there was a little king baboon who sat in the tallest tree and they had the ugliest bums in the universe! I also saw King Julien (from Madagascar) and all his other little friends. I also saw lions, a giant tortoise (who was sooo beautiful), crocodiles, snakes, fish, kangaroos (LOL I have these in my backyard!!!) emus, wild dogs, bears, tigers, leopards, all types of monkeys and wild cats, meercats who were so adorable I couldn't stand it, frogs, and oh my god I could go on and on but I won't coz this post is long enough as it is! So the day at the zoo was a success- I'll put it that shortly. Although I did get lost in the gorilla part of the park which was a tad creepy!!

The bus trips were perfectly fine- I didn't feel sick at all. I am such a worrier it's bad!!!

Anyway, I was a zombie for most of Wednesday, but somehow I managed to make my way through (I have no idea how, don't ask me) and I made a dude out of clay! he was so cool I'll post a photo when I get him back, when he's dry.

And then there was today, Thursday. I had computers with my Dad in the morning (yessss my Dad is a teacher at school) then I had P.E where did a baseball/soccer thing, and then it was Science. That's all, really.

I would go on about the zoo, my Wednesday and Thursday, but my dinner is ready and the smell is so deliciously tempting I can't handle it! Catch ya later!!

♥ EJ

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Epic Bubble!

I mean, isn't that bubble A-MAZING?? That's not me, btw. I have always wanted to make a bubble that huge but I've never had success. The main reason I have even posted that pic and heading is coz it's a way to get your attention, coz everybody loves bubbles. ♥

OK, moving on. ;P

Well, yeah, today is Friday. (mini party happening inside me right now.)
I can't believe I haven't posted since Sunday! It's not like I've had an overly busy week or anything but....I actually don't know why I haven't posted sooner to be honest! Anyway, enough of that. Today has been pretty good, actually. Probably coz it's gone pretty quickly. Oh yeah, today was the 50th anniversary of my school being at this location, the open day. pretty crazy, eh? Anyway, yeah, so today was that. All these old, black and white photos have been put on walls of past students (in the 80's and 90's) and it was so weird seeing all the teachers when they were younger! All these old people (past students) have been strolling around the place all day. Actually, at the moment I am sitting in the library on this computer and all these teachers and other randoms are all talking and eating behind me. I hope they don't come over and say in that stupid little teacher voice "S-O, what are YOU doing?" It is kinda awkward although I'm used to it coz Dad's a teacher here.....but that doesn't make it any less awkward!!!!!! :P

I am trying to drown out the voice of the teacher I hate at the moment by listening to music on my IPod (it's 'lonely boy' by the black keys, btw) and it's currently working well. yay! ☺ but, my ears are beginning to hurt coz I have it pretty loud. should I take them out? NO, that would give teachers the opportunity to approach and chat to me, that must not happen. :)

AHHHH, scary! It's not just teachers in here now, there's randoms! I just saw one walk in the door....oh please oh please don't come over here and see what I'm writing.....ok, I'm going to swap windows now....just excuse me for a minute, readers.......(eek!)

OK, I'm back. I think the coast is clear....phew. ;)

Sozz guys, Dad just came in and I gotta go home now. Cya!

♥ EJ


Hey guys. I'm now home, wearing my pj's and a big baggy jumper. ahh, bliss. :)
it is rainy and freezing outside and we just had some tomato soup with pasta. yummy!

Now, the main reason I posted again is because I did something AMAZING. Okay, okay, it wasn't that amazing, but it's pretty good! When we were leaving the library (my dad, brother and me, that is) we passed a table with leftover food on it. I couldn't resist grabbing a bit of lemon slice, a delish jam sort of one...and....wait for it.....RAINBOW LAYER CAKE!!!!!
And I mean, the real rainbow layer cake, the epic version!!! (check the pic below!)

Lots of love,



PS- the pic is off Google Images, but it looks exactly like the real thing I ate!!!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

The 20 Day Celebrity Photo Challenge!

Hey! :) 
Hope you've all had a great weekend so far.

Rightio, I found this photo challenge one day whilst I was just checking out random things on the internet, and thought it'd be fun to do. Here's the vid I put together of it- the background song's by Fun. and it's called 'we are young'.

Now, here's the reasoning behind my choices, and who the people are (if you're not sure) and the list if you want to try it too! (just delete who I chose and you're good to go if you want to do it.)

DAY 1: A photo of your favourite band- ONE DIRECTION. 
I chose these guys coz I love their songs. They're so catchy and always make me feel great. Plus, they're pretty cute!

DAY 2: A photo of the celebrity you would marry if you were given the chance- REECE MASTIN. Reece won The X Factor Australia last year. For more information, check out my other blog

DAY 3: A photo of the celebrity you would turn gay/lesbian for- CHRISTINA PARIE
Christina also was in The X Factor Australia last year, in about the top 5. I went and saw her live in concert.

DAY 4: A photo of your favourite rapper- DRAPHT
Drapht is an awesome Aussie rapper whose tunes are sure to be stuck in your head in no time! One of my faves is Rapunzel.

DAY 5: A photo of a celebrity who’s hair you would like to have- ASHLEY BENSON
Ash stars in TV series Pretty Little Liars and I love her hair! Probably coz I'm not blonde, but also coz she styles it so nice! (actually, she'd probs have someone else to do it, but anyway...)

DAY 6: A photo of a celebrity who you would like to have a kissing scene with if you were in a movie with them- JOSH HUTCHERSON
No explanation necessary. Even though the pic I've included is of a younger version of him, he's hot! Check out Josh as he stars as Peeta in The Hunger Games.

DAY 7: A photo of a celebrity you would love to trade lives with- JENNIFER LAWRENCE
I'd love to be Jen for at least a day. It'd be awesome to chill with Josh and Liam all day and act in The Hunger Games!

DAY 8: A photo of your favourite Disney star/s. – SELENA GOMEZ
I remember Selena from back in her Wizards of Waverly Place days. Now, she's grown up and won the Bieb's heart. She's pretty cool!

DAY 9: A photo of a celebrity who you would love to be best friends with.- ASHLEY GREENE
Ash always seems to be having a great time! I'd be able to hang out with all her famous friends, at the Twilight set and steal some of her wardrobe!

DAY 10: A photo of your favourite country artist/band.- TAYLOR SWIFT 
I love Taylor's style, music....and hair! Oh, who couldn't love that hair??

DAY 11: A photo of a band/artist that you like that aren’t famous worldwide yet.- BECAUSE THEY CAN
Because they can are like a 2012 version of The Beatles! Expect to see more of these guys soon.

DAY 12: A photo of a actor/actress from your favourite tv show- LEA MICHELE
Lea plays Rachel Berry in my fave TV show Glee.

DAY 13: A photo of the celebrity that you would do anything to meet- ???
I wouldn't do ANYTHING to meet any celebrity. A bit too broad of question, I think!!

DAY 14: A photo of a celebrity that whos concert you would love to go to- P!NK
My parents have both been to P!NK's concerts and have raved about them, I think she'd be awesome to go and see!

DAY 15: A photo of a celebrity who you think cares more about the money and fame rather than the fans- TAYLOR MOMSEN
Personally, I don't know very much abotu Taylor, but from what I've heard, she fits into this category perfectly.

DAY 16: A photo of a celebrity you would love to have over for dinner- STEPHENIE MEYER
Since I think I'm an ''author in the waiting', it'd be amazing to meet Stephenie and chat about all things Twilight and writing books!

DAY 17: A photo of a celebrity who would play you in a movie about your life- ZOOEY DESCHANEL
Zooey has my fringe cut, and her quirky personality would suit my life down pat!

DAY 18: A photo of a celebrity whos wardrobe you would love to own- ELLE FANNING
Elle always seems to be in the cutest of clothing, and with that sister and that hair, what's not to love?

DAY 19: A photo of a celebrity whos house you would like a tour of- JUSTIN BIEBER
From what I've heard, the Biebs' house is something to see!

DAY 20: A photo of a celebrity who you think is a role model- EMMA WATSON
Emma was awesome in The Harry Potter series and since she's decided to go to uni, very much unlike most other stars her age, she's awesome!

Until next time,

♥ EJ

Friday, 18 May 2012

This is just going to be quick...

I am not very happy with my readers. :( 
LOL no I'm fine with you guys it's just coz when I did the post that contained the word URGENT I thought more of you would check it but anyway...
It was about Mothers Day, which has, of course, already come and gone (it was last Sunday) and I asked if any of you had some cool ideas of stuff I could do for it. But only Chanelle commented! Thanks a ton Chanelle!!!! ♥
Well, here's the finished Dad did the wax, btw. Before I could tell him we probably should do it on the side of the writing, he had already done it. but, Mum loved it anyway.
So thanks Chanelle!!

Well, I would write more, but I might later. Just don't feel like it at the moment....probably coz I'm really hungry and there's a packet of chips in the kitchen just calling my name. :p

Catch ya later,

 ♥ EJ


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I can't believe it's Wednesday already!!!!

Honestly, I can't believe it's Wednesday!! Maybe it was my day off on Monday that made everything seem to go so quickly, I don't know! But I'm glad the week is going fast- it means the weekend's coming fast!!

Today was Cross Country. Thankfully, the weather was in our favour and we had a beautiful sunny day to run in. I came 19th or something, which I'm pretty proud of coz it's an improvement from last year! I did a mixture of jogging and walking, so I'm pretty happy with the result!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this, and I apologize if I have already...but this week my best friend Jo is on holiday. So on Sunday night I was stressing (typical me!) about not having anyone to hang out with, that I'll be a loner, etc, etc. As much as my parents assured me it will all be okay, my overactive imagination just wouldn't except it! But, yes, I have survived the week...and made some new friends! Today I hung out with Mikayla, Kaitlyn, and some other peeps whose names I haven't learnt yet. As much as I am missing Jo, it's been nice to hang with some different people for a change!

This week has gone so fffaaasssttt I can't believe it! is it just me or are you guys feeling it too? Hah, I'd laugh if none of you comment and I'd feel like a lunatic! :P

Now, I can't stay for much longer-  I've gotta start walking down to Karate (hi-yah!) which runs from 4:30pm till 5:30pm. I know it's a..........different sport choice, but I've already tried netball and basketball in the past. Not saying they're not good, not saying that Karate is's the truth....I don't have a choice whether I do Karate or not. My parents want me to be a black belt and THEN they said I can quit. Well, I suppose Karate is good for me, coz I don't do any other sports apart from it...but ANYWAY......☺

I've only got a couple of minutes left, so I'll leave you to comment and ponder my unusally small post with these few pictures I just found (by typing in 'favim' in google images, btw) and love.

Catch you later,


Cya! ♥

Saturday, 12 May 2012


Hello hello and HELLO. I just had a hot chocolate with four marshmallows so I'm a bit hyped!

Today has been a wonderfully lazy Saturday. Slept in, read The Hunger Games, went for a walk, done things lazy people do on lazy days ;P
I've also got Monday off, which makes this weekend even more amazing!!

Yes, tomorrow is Mothers Day! A big thank you to my friend Chanelle who posted a sweet idea for Mothers Day, I will definitely do it! ♥

Weeeeelll what else to say? oh YEH yesterday was Round Robin Netball!! And my team lost every game! wooo hooo we suck but we had fun anyway. and as the teachers say, that's all that matters. ;)

Also, I am MEGA excited that I have 13 followers!! I remember when I had none at all....those were sad, sad times. ;)
I ♥ you guys, thanks for taking the time to press the 'following' button and read my ramblings without complaining.

Well, cheerio my friends, post again soon,

♥ EJ

PS- make sure you check out my other blog, which is all about my #1 celeb crush at the moment, Reece Mastin!!! xx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Whatta YOU think? (URGENT!!!)


This will just be quick- I've got some things to do.
I was wondering if you guys have any awesome Mothers Day gift ideas. Since it's this Sunday (13/5/12) I'd like some ideas ASAP! Do you guys have any cool traditions you do for Mothers Day or any rad gift ideas?
Mum has requested to have breakfast in bed with a magazine, and loving all day (awwww!) and we have got her an electric hedge trimmer for the garden hedge, but any D.I.Y stuff even, to make the day just that bit more special. :)

Thx guys, looking forward to some ideas, even simple ones will be appreciated!

♥ EJ

PS- I will post a bit more tomorrow hopefully. ;)

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Monday is over :)

Hey....again! hope your Monday was over as quickly as mine was. :)

My weekend was awesome. I basically read The Hunger Games all of Saturday, and Catching Fire all of Sunday (I still haven't finished Catching Fire but I'm close!). Some people have said that the books ramble too much but I disagree, I think the rambling really lets you explore the situation, unlike the movie which is all action, action, action non-stop. I love both the book and movie so much. ♥

Well yeah today is Monday, and it's 4:00pm so obviously school's finished. It was a pretty good day, actually. Monday's usually are. It's Tuesday's I'm not fond of, with a horrible combination of Maths, Science and P.E. Yuck.

It's been a bit of a murky day, cloudy and drizzly all day. But I'm not complaining...I like winter. I love snuggling up to a warm fire with hot chocolate and marshmallows and wearing thick woolly socks, scarves, coats and beanies. Unlike in summer when you're sweltering in heat, even though I dislike the cold, I prefer overcast to sunny weather. I know I'm weird. :P

To be honest, I don't really have much else to write about. I know it's rare for me to have a short post but today I'm out of ideas. I have just polished off some Math homework, got given back my Indonesian test with a fail (sad face, but I'm not going to do Indo next year and she's going to re-test us anyway) so now have a free afternoon to read, hopefully, the rest of Catching Fire. Can't wait.

Blog again soon, my friends.

♥ EJ

Thursday, 3 May 2012

I write this as my stomach growls...

Hahhh hey guys how r u going? Well I'm going GREAT I'm a bit hyper at the moment coz it's FRIDAY!! *insert crowd cheering here* YAYYYYYYY


oh YEH let me tell you about my week, whether you want to hear about it or not.

 On Monday I had the day off school to head down to Shepp for a choir workshop. It was interesting, to say the least. We had to do these weird warm up excercises for our voices which included singing the word 'bumblebee' over and over to different styles of music (and let me tell you, singing bumblebee to opera music is totally hilarious!!). This guy who was sitting in front of me (who was from my school, btw) turned around and was like, "you're uncontrollable!" coz intially everybody else was laughing as well, but soon they died down but I kept laughing so it was a tad awkward! but he found it funny anyways. then after singing to some other songs, some schools came up to perform. this one group, they had dark skin but not as dark as Africian, for example. They sang Justin Bieber's song 'Mistletoe' and it was AMAZING!!! They were mostly guys but there was one girl. They had a really nice, soft, mellow, indie sort of sounding voices that I could have listened to all day. There was only one problem....they definitely were NOT comfortable up on stage! The guys kept joking around and hiding behind each other which was funny to look at, but I think it sort of spoilt their performance. but once the instructor (the one who made us sing bumblebee) gave them a few pointers, they were great. Keep an ear out for 'Outsiders' in the future, peeps!!

Then on Tuesday night it was the formal. As usual, it was awkward at the start. Great music was playing but no one was game enough to dance. But when a few people got going, everyone did. It was a fantastic night, and the best part was I knew the words to most of the songs which helped heaps! Probs coz I'm an avid radio listener. The ending song was 'Champagne Showers' by LMFAO which was epic. it felt like I was in a real nightclub, if you know what I mean! my feet are still sore from dancing so much. also, I'm sorry I didn't take any photos coz my camera was too big to carry around all night.

On Wednesday we were supposed to have our Challenge day (doing mountain bike riding, bush cooking, bush walking, etc) but mother nature decided to make it absolutely pour rain so it was cancelled. I'm not sorry though...I wasn't looking forward to mountain bike riding! So Wednesday turned out pretty normal, actually.

On Thursday night, I was up to my knees in homework. Maths, English, Science...I managed to finish off the Maths homework AND the English essay, much to my relief.

So tonight, Friday night, is my only night I can actually relax. I've been looking forward to today the whole week. I can play some Sims on the Wii, watch some TV, and start to read The Hunger Games! Yes folks, I finally have all three books in my posession (all borrowed from the library) and I am soooo looking forward to devouring them this weekend.

Well my friends, sorry if that took AAGGEESS to read. It took me AAGGEESS to write, btw. this would all usually be spread evenly through numerous posts instead of one huge one, but as you've just read, I haven't had much time this week.

Now I'm going to go and check other people's blogs, sooooo

See ya!!!

♥ EJ