Saturday, 14 April 2012

The holidays are nearly over :(

Hey guys, how are you doing? :-)

 Well I've got one day until school's back and I'm not happy about it. I was enjoying my holidays, thank you very much! I'm not saying they've gone quickly, but they haven't exactly gone slow either. I have very much enjoyed my break, to put it lightly. What have I done? Hmm...

I have moved house, obviously. It is amazing that I am in my new place already it will be great to come back here when I've finished a school day and just CHILL. That's if I don't have any homework, that is.

I have kept writing my story- it's about 117 pages now it's crazy! It's coming along really well and I really want to get it published but the only person I've shown is my brother. :)

This term looks like it'll be very busy...I really, really hope it'll be as much fun as last term.
Sorry I have to make this post quick- it's pretty late and I should be in bed, hehe. ;)

Post again soon,




  1. Hey EJ
    I also don't like going back to school from a holiday, the only good thing is seeing your friends again. That is a long story LoL I think my longest story wuz 102 pgs and I handed it in for a writing assignment and I don't believe my teacher read the whole thing :P but oh well I wish I could read your story
    Caitlin :)

    1. hey Caitlin, how r u???
      I know seeing your friends is definitely the best. today woz my first day and I am actually at school during class writing this! hehe ANYWAY... weell I know it is a big story, I'm better at typing than handwriting, but I think everybody is these days. haha what was your assignment about? I hope it was something worthwile coz writing a 102 page assignment for some boring subject would suck.
      Yeah thanks maybe when I get my story published you could read it, or I might be able to post it on Blogger, I don't knoww....???

      Anyway, better go, like I said, it's class!