Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Another update from my hectic world!

Hello! :-)

Well today is the day! The removalists guys came today with their big truck to load all their furniture on (well actually they're still here but anyway...)
Mum's running around the place crazily like "oh put this shelf in the car" or "take your IPod and books off the couch EJ they need to put that in the truck!" or "keep out of their way OK?" so I've decided to keep a bit of distance between myself and Mum for the time being, until she settles down a bit. Love ya Mum, hehe! :-)

My brother Rory and I just sat up in a tree eating jellybeans and watch as more and more and more furniture are carefully carried out by guys in fluro yellow shirts (the removalists, btw) and talked about lots of things since I've decided to give Mum a bit of a  wide berth for the time being, so my ten year old brother just sat quietly in the tree swatting away bugs and nodding at all the right places and being the perfect agony aunt (or uncle, as he likes to call it.) 

I have just come back into the house and it is so empty!! It definitely doesn't seem like ours anymore, it's SOO weird!!! I had a sneak peek at the back of the truck and my god they pack it so well!! It doesn't even look half full and almost all our house is empty!

Sorry if all my posts recently have been about packing and if I'm boring you. It's just because packing is the most exciting thing that's happening in my life right now and it's the main thing that's happening in my life right now, but soon it'll be about other things once we've actually moved in. This might be one of my last posts from this house! *sob* nahh although I am a tad emotional about leaving this place our new house seems awesome!!!

Well apart from packing boxes, eating delicious dinner's my Nan is making while she and Pop are up here (like Mum said, if Nan wasn't here to cook proper meals we'd probably be eating cereal for every meal coz we're so busy!), and reading books in my spare time, the thing that has really been cool are the dreams I'm having lately. I have had great dreams, ones I have control of which is great, like flying. 

Well one thing is for sure I'll be very glad to get to sleep tonight coz I had to get up at 6:30am (approx) this morning coz  the removalists came at 8:00am!!! and they've been on the go since then until now (now the time is 10:26am.)

Got to go now, Rory wants to come on the computer.





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