Saturday, 31 March 2012

Woah, talk about a whirlwind!

Life has been pretty crazy at the moment. It seems like only yesterday Dad was saying "Before you know it, it'll be on holidays!" and that was when it was about 3 weeks till the last day of term and I was like "Yeah right Dad that's ages away!" but it's now been the first full day with no school and I'm sort of wishing I was still at school to avoid the crazy mess they call my house at the moment.

The house is full to the brim of boxes coz we're moving house and today was basically all about packing boxes! We only had a break for lunch basically until tea time so we were flat out all day packing! You have no idea how much stuff you own until you actually have it all in front of your eyes (in my case, in boxes) and you're like, OMG wow how much stuff do I actually own???

My bedroom has been stripped of all posters (much to my despair..) and my bed has been taken apart....sleeping on sleeping bags tonight. Not happy, coz I love my bed!! So no more Hunger Games posters on my wall. :(

My family and I just had a chill watching some TV...a much needed chill. Everything is just so overwhelming!!

Time is going so so fast....almost too fast for my liking.

With Easter just around the corner..where the hell did January go?? Where did yesterday go?? Although I am extremely happy Easter has come so fast (I really need a choccie fix) it just feels like life is slipping through my fingers too quickly. I am finding it hard to cherish every moment, because things are happening too quickly!!!

NEWSFLASH- one of my favourite bands, not sure if you guys have heard of them, have split up. :'( 
So so so so sad...
Short Stack were an awesome Aussie band and they will be missed.

Short Stack

From left to right- Bradie, Shaun, Andy

Tomorrow my Nan and Pop are coming up (yay!) to help in any way they can as we move house.

 I am entering a competition to win the first three Hunger Games books and more goodies (like a t-shirt, beanie, movie companion etc...) coz in both local libraries they are hired out and have a LLOONNGG waiting list! (which I have put my name down on them)

Well to be honest with you I can't remember anything else to write....and I bet you when I log off I'll remember something....don't you hate it when that happens???

It's 9:05pm so I better go catch some Zzz's...I think tomorrow will be as hectic as today was.

Loottss of love




  1. You said it best - where did January and February go???

  2. Hey EJ
    Moving sucks, I know it. I hope your new home will be good, and that you will love your new bedroom, your haven away from it all. I understand about time just flying by. It feels like yesterday that it was Christmas and now we are at Easter. I'm sorry I've never heard of that band and I hope you win the Hunger Games stuff. Blessings!

    1. Hey Tyler
      I know I hate moving too. It's just so hectic, y'know?
      Thanks, I'm sure I'll love my new bedroom! We're giving it a re-paint today actually, so hopefully soon I'll be able to put some furniture in. I know time is going so fast that's why I love taking photos and filming coz soon everything will be a distant memory.

      That's alright Short Stack were never really popular anyway. :)

      And thanks, I hope I win the Hunger Games stuff too.

      EJ :-)