Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Thursday Already (time goes so fast)

I meant to post this bit below about my holidays ages ago (it's almost the end of my first week back)  but I haven't gotten around to it until now. To read my post about today and more recent things, they're at the end. The following bit with the piccies was written on the last Sunday night of the holidays.

PS: They are all my photos. ♥


Hey there guys! Hope you had a nice Sunday. I wonder what you did today?

Well, me? I spent the day lapping up as much as I could, because today is my last day of the holidays! L Even though I’m sad that school is so near, somewhere deep down I’m excited because I don’t know what’s going to happen. ;)

Today I slept in till about 9:30 till Mum decided to come and wake me up, saying if I stay in bed all day I won’t be able to sleep tonight and therefore be cranky in the morning. So groaning, I got up and faced the day.

As desperate as I was to freshen up for school tomorrow, my little brother Rory somehow managed to drag me outside to go for a walk outside on our block of land. So, equipped with some food, our gumboots and an umbrella (it’s been rainy on and off for this last week of the holidays) we headed off. I must admit, it was nice being outside and exploring around our block even though my hands freezing cold!

Here are some photos I took of our walk:

at the top right hand corner of this picture is my house!

Sorry there are no pics of me there…I’m the one behind the lens!!
After the walk I’ve just been chilling at home enjoying my last hours of freedom before I go back to school.
What about the rest of my holidays? Well, coz its winter it got sooo cold the pool froze over one day…
Check out the leaf sitting on the top of the pool!!

It was sooo cold that morning! I came in pretty quick after taking a few photos! Even most of the garden had a big coating of frost on it too!
Mt. Buller was covered in a beautiful dumping of snow during the holidays. It’s only been the past couple of days the snow has melted a bit and it has been really cloudy and yuck up there. But take a look at these pics I took a bit earlier in the holidays (and yes, these are from my house, some zoomed in a bit but this is our view!!!):

Skiing isn’t really my thing…don’t get me wrong I’ve tried it and would again but not with school. Yeah, at school every Wednesday of this term you get the opportunity go to skiing/snowboarding for the whole day!
Now, here’s just a few randoms that I took during the hols:
My Foxie/Jack Russel, Rosie! She's about nine years old (in human years). Here she is giving me the please give me another treat or the come over here and cuddle me look.

The frozen-over bird bath!!!

That’s what the side of my bed has looked like for most of the holidays—huge piles of books from the library which have kept me thoroughly entertained on those lazy rainy days you can't do anything on.

As well as the ones from the library, I’ve read the Narnia series. Well, the first book (The Magician’s Nephew) and about halfway through The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe. As much as I love newer books like Harry Potter, Twilight and The Hunger Games, I can’t go past the old classics.

With my library books, I have just finished The Lying Game by Sara Shepard, the author of the Pretty Little Liars series and really enjoyed it!! There’s a second one which I’m going to have to ask for too.

Well this picture is pretty interesting. It’s of my Ashley Greene poster, but I was fiddling with the settings so it made her look a bit ghostly. I like it though!!

This picture is also pretty unique! It’s of my orange lamp, but I fiddled with the settings (again, yes I know) so it focussed on my finger prints on the lends. Hehehe yes I don’t mean to put finger marks on the lends but it always just somehow….happens!

I loved my holidays…I loved relaxing, catching up with family, pretty much everything. Oh, except for one thing that made me so scared I cried out of fright and surprise. Yes, you read right. Here’s the story: I was sitting in the car with my family and everything was all normal and fine. We were driving around looking for a garage sale (which ended up being next weekend but we didn’t know that then!) when I just casually looked out the window and there was a giant, ugly, hairy, brown huntsman spider. OMG I screamed sooo loud! It freaked me out, but I opened my door and it quickly scuttled out. Yes I’m scared of spiders but it’s not a phobia thank goodness or else I would have died! It still freaks me out even now thinking about it…. :/
But ANYWAY…….I hope you enjoyed your insight into my holidays. I’ve got a pretty good timetable for next semester…but I think I’ve written enough for one post. ;)
Cheerio my friends,

By the time you're reading this, you're probably thinking "Oh my God how is there more???" but yes, there is more.
Once again, I am sitting in my school library, updating my blog, as I usually do. Right now, it feels as if my holidays never existed. I mean, even about halfway through my first Monday back at school it felt like I'd been back for a month.
By now, I think I've had all my new classes. I've got Music, which is really cool! I've got different teachers for all subjects except English and Indonesian. It's a nice change.
But there's one.bad.thing.
I've got the main teacher I hate for the whole rest of the year (I think.)
So far I have gone by okay, since I had her last year and know not to get on her bad side, yada yada yada. But I really hate it. I'd actually like the subject if she wasn't the one teaching it!!
I really cannot believe that it's Thursday afternoon already. Time has gone crazy fast! The first week of term is nearly over already which is crazy! =P
Well I'm going to go now, partly coz I dont know what else to say, partly coz I think this post is going to be absolutely HUGE when I post it with all the photos and stuff so...
I better go.

Write more soon,




  1. The photos are a great example of the Aussie setting, love it :) Mt Buller looks GORGEOUS! I've never been skiing, though I don't live all that far away from where I COULD ski. :p I should try it some time. I wish I got to go skiing or snowboarding with the school every Wednesday!

    Back to school is yucky. Where did all the holidays go?! I am feeling your pain :( We're already being given SAC dates at my school for the rest of the term. Fml. :P Oh well...

    1. Hey Bonnee!
      I'm glad you like the photos!! Here's a tip about skiing and snowboarding if you DO decide to have a go----unless you are a complete natural at them, you'll probably hate it the first time you go up because you keep falling over and stuff like that. I know I did. I didnt want to go up ever again in my life! But I got convinced to go up again...and slowly I began to enjoy myself! So just keep that in mind!

      It's cool every Wednesday when people go up to the mountain the classes are really little which is always better. :)

      I know, I dont like school either!! But at least it's Friday!! Think on the positive side, haha... :P

    2. I'll keep that in mind when I go skiing or snowboarding :) I kinda figured I especially will suck at it. I'm so uncoordinated. LOL! :) At least people will be able to laugh at me constantly falling over.

      I LOVE small classes. Because my school is pretty small, now that everyone does their own subjects for VCE, the only really big classes for me are English which has EVERYONE in the yearlevel, and General Maths, which has MOST of the people in the yearlevel. It's so much easier to concentrate in the smaller classes.

      The best thing about Monday's is knowing that there's only five days until the weekend... aaah.

  2. HIIII EJEEEEHHHHHH xD sorry i'm so overwhelmed when i know that you finally update your blog again, haha. been waiting for this!

    i've started my school already since last monday, but the "real" school will officially started next week. i got new teachers, almost all of them are new and probably for me, my music teacher is the worst of all... i can't believe she forces us to sing even if it's fasting month already! >,<

    and shoooooottt, some photos, finally! :D you have such an amazing neighbourhood! so sweet how you carve your name and your brother's. and you have your own pool??? :O i can swim all day if i want... your dog is sooo cute, i wish i can have one :$

    seems like the lying game has a great plot, i wonder what it's all about? :/ and those blurry and finger-print effects on your photos look amazing! never thought finger-print could be that great! :D i might will try it ;)

    i love my holidays too, just wanna tell that, haha! xD

    hope to see the updates soon from you! xx

    ps-and just so you know that i do blogwalking on my spare time, that's why i "finally" got 40+ comments on my post :)

    1. Hey Nava!
      Yeah sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Like I said, I've been pretty busy....
      but I love blogging so I'll always try and update ASAP!

      new teachers are usually good...having a change..but in your case with your music teacher it seems bad!! =P
      well I have my evil teacher so we're the same I guess haha

      aww thanks they're really pretty pics, aren't they?? RH isn't my brother's's his first and last name's initals. ;)
      but of course EJ is my name. to carve our names Rory sharpened a stick with his pocket knife and then we used it like a pencil!

      yeah I have a pool! (obviously, haha!) I've only swam in it once since we've moved in (which was at the start of the year) and it was freezing!! But when it's summer it should be great! I know Rosie is a cutie isnt she!!

      oh yes the lying game is an awesome book!! It's hard to explain...but let's just say it hooks you in!!!

      I dont even know how I got those blurry and finger print pics! I I was just fooling around with the camera settings and stuff and somehow they turned out good!!

      oooh blogwalking...sounds cool! if i have some spare time I might try it...

      anyway, see u later!!

      love EJ