Thursday, 5 July 2012

Nearly here! :)

Hey there my lovely readers!
Hope you've had a lovely week so far, I know I have. ♥

Yesterday my family and I went shopping. I brought an awesome polar bear beanie--which is just like the picture except it's white. I love it--actually, I'm wearing it right now!! :) 
(it's from equip)

I also brought a pink beanie from cotton on which I also love. A pretty successful day of shopping--I only spent $25! It was nice getting out of town, but I love getting home after a long shopping day too. ;)

Well, my cousins are coming up from today (Friday) till Monday and they should be here soon, can't wait! xoxo
My extremely clever Aunty has made/brought me heaps of cool new things for my room and also the rest of the house, so they have had to bring a trailer to fit in all our new furniture!! 

Nothing else really has now I'll do the last bit like I did in the last post---

Nava: I have nearly finished your 1D fan fiction----PS: it is soooooo cool! so well written--can't wait for the next installment!!
Janaya: Sounds like you had an awesome shopping day! Alia sounds cute/annoying at the same time, am I right??
Bonnee: You enjoy your holidays too! Try and get the homework done if you don't have much so you don't have it in the back of your mind. ;)
Chanelle: I have been very snap-happy these holidays---today I got some photos of our pool which iced over because it was so cold!! I think on the last week/couple of days of the holidays I'll post the photos.

PS: if you are a regular reader and I missed out on you in this bit, let me know and I'll include you!!

Bye for now, but not forever.

♥ EJ

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