Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hey there! You look nice today :-)

Obsessing over // umm...hard question! I'm not really obsessing over anything at the moment....

Working on // A few things, actually. Homework is always a big one. :( but I am also working on a few stories which will hopefully be published..........someday! never give up hope ♥

Thinking about // well, at the moment, I'm thinking about writing what I am thinking about. ;)

Listening to // A few songs which are playing on repeat in my head... 'Brokenhearted' by Karmin, 'One More Night' by Maroon 5, 'Awkward' by San Cisco and 'Child' by 360.

Watching // One of my fave new TV shows, once upon a time

Eating lots of // Chocolate...my brother Rory brought home a bag of choccies for a fundraiser for his school. They're $1 each and I brought five and have already polished off a Cherry Ripe. Guilty, I know! 

Wishing // Lots of things!! I have lots of wishes....too many to write down!!

Hey guys! That bit up there I borrowed from Nava (ginfragont.blogspot.com). Thanks Nava, it gave me something cool to start off with!!

Well it is the second week of the school term already and by tomorrow it will be halfway through the week! Not that I'm complaining but time is going very fast when you think about it.

The dreaded Tuesday is over and I survived!! Science and P.E were actually pretty good....yes I admit it. ;)
it was just Art which sucked...but I wont go into that in case someone from school finds this blog and I get in trouble...so let's just keep that a secret shall we?

So the week is going fine so far....tomorrow looks like another good day coz heaps of people will be up at the snow, I love having smaller classes for some reason it makes me more talkative and comfortable! Weird I know ;)

Well I'm going to go now, catch you later!




  1. this post is cutteeee!!! :D i thought i was the only one who liked smaller classes. in fact, i love being the only student in a class if that's even possible, hehe. it's easier to get teachers' attention when we're alone right? :)

    anw, tomorrow i'm gonna sing at the music class. please, EJ, wish me a lot of luck!!! >,<

    1. awwwwies thanks!!! :D
      hahaha yeah it is WAY easier to get the teacher's attention. but when the attention is on you, it's not always good. today in english my friend and i were having a laugh and the teacher doesnt usually notice but she did and we had to move seats. :(

      Good luck with your music class!!! Dont doubt yourself, I'm sure you'll do fine!


    2. hi again EJ! :D just got home from school and back to this post haha! i got a perfect score in singing omg wahahahah xD can't believe i did it!!!

      okay, just wanna say that woohoo!

    3. Hey again Nava!!
      Wowww congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
      well done I knew you'd do well! ♥ awesome job!!!! perfect score....thats just awesome!!

    4. haha thank's alot! believe it or not that i thought of you when i sang in front of her <3

    5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thats so sweet!!! ♥
      thanks Nava u r so cute hahahaha :D

    6. ASDFGHJKL!!! all i thought was that i didn't want to let you down tho you weren't really see me at that time :D i've tried my best for you too haha! having you around this blogosphere is really amazing!

  2. hey Nava with every comment you write you make me feel so special! ♥
    what song did you sing??
    PS: it is awesome having you here too. xoxoxoxox

    1. well, this may sounds cheesy but i sang 'everything about you' from 1D--right, everything about 1D all the time! and when i sang the chorus, the whole class got so HIP!!! :D we finally sang together and because of that, i got a perfect score, 90!!

      so crazy, isn't it??? xD

    2. nahh it's not crazy...it's awesome! it's awesome that your whole class knew the words!!! :D