Saturday, 7 July 2012

Love the holidays ♥

Holidays xx

Beautiful blue skies greet us when we wake in the morning,
I usually am the one who sleeps in!
Eating some sugary cereal
Which isn't allowed normally
Snuggling up to the wood fire
Or sitting in the sun,
reading a book.
Last night we sat around the fire pit
Listened to the footy on the radio
Ate pizza and marshmallows
Saw shooting stars
Pure magic.
We haven't been doing much
Just relaxing
Gone for walks 
Pranks which always result in laughter
Beautiful food,
cooked with love.
The pool has iced over
nearly every morning
The boys like
throwing leaves, rocks, ice, etc
over the frozen surface
Lazing on the couch,
falling into bed after a great day,
Just chatting,
Playing on the Playstation 3,
Playing Monopoly,
this has been my holidays
so far
and they're not even halfway
near the end yet!!

Hahaha not sure if that was a poem for what, but it summarizes pretty much what the past couple of days have been like with my cousins here. And wasn't it much easier to read than boring old paragraphs???

Things I have learnt these holidays...
don't worry if some of these don't make sense to you...

♥ Make sure you bring enough fabric to re-cover chairs
♥ If you are going for a walk, wear a jacket
♥ Don't wear a red beanie if you are walking outside or the red-headed birds will follow you
♥ If you get an offer to help move wood, accept it
♥ It's okay to look a bit wild when your with family
♥ Remember to bring your towel before you get in the shower
♥ If you go walking when lunch is ready, expect to get the leftovers!
♥ Beary always makes things better
♥ Laughter is the best medicine
♥ Don't watch Project X
♥ Always have enough blankets at night
♥ Beware of your uncle's snoring
♥ Time goes fast--enjoy the moment while it lasts
♥ Bring your IPod charger
♥ Be yourself
♥ Don't expect people to drop everything to help you
♥ Don't shake up the ginger beer!
♥ Rides in the trailer are always good
♥ Don't let your pizza slip into the fire!!
♥ Make sure you're there when the marshmallow packet is opened or you'll miss out!
♥ Family will always be there, no matter what


I better go now and enjoy spending time with family!!

Much love,




  1. Hahaha so true, if there's food, be there, or be square. :) Glad to hear you're having a great holiday.

    1. Hahaha I learnt it the hard way too. ;)

    2. I have learned it the hard way before as well :p That's what happens when you sneak away from the group on a school camp...

    3. aww poor you!! why'd you sneak away from the group?? haha I'd be interested to know!!! ;)

    4. We were just hanging around the campsite and it was boring, so a couple of friends and I went for a walk AWAY from the campsite and came back a little too late for food :p