Sunday, 29 July 2012

For Nava ♥

So here, as promised, are the hilarious 1D pics I found that I just had to share!
especially for Nava :-)
Cheerio my friends, post a bigger post one soon! ♥


  1. EJ, this is just... omg, how should i say it???? THEY'RE HILARIOUSSSS!!!! xD i read them one by one with all my heart and can't stop laughing!!! the best thing i love from the lads is their bromances <333 where did you find all these images??? :O and if you ask my fave, THIS post is my fave!!! ;)

    grazille mille, merci beaucoup, terima kasih, arigatou, danke, THANK YOU!!

    i love you so so much omg :$

    1. hey Nava! :D
      hahahaha I know I cracked up laughing myself!!!!! Ummm I cant remember where I found them...I think maybe a few tumblrs?? not sure really, I found them via polyvore!!! ♥

      hehehe I love you too! ;P