Thursday, 3 May 2012

I write this as my stomach growls...

Hahhh hey guys how r u going? Well I'm going GREAT I'm a bit hyper at the moment coz it's FRIDAY!! *insert crowd cheering here* YAYYYYYYY


oh YEH let me tell you about my week, whether you want to hear about it or not.

 On Monday I had the day off school to head down to Shepp for a choir workshop. It was interesting, to say the least. We had to do these weird warm up excercises for our voices which included singing the word 'bumblebee' over and over to different styles of music (and let me tell you, singing bumblebee to opera music is totally hilarious!!). This guy who was sitting in front of me (who was from my school, btw) turned around and was like, "you're uncontrollable!" coz intially everybody else was laughing as well, but soon they died down but I kept laughing so it was a tad awkward! but he found it funny anyways. then after singing to some other songs, some schools came up to perform. this one group, they had dark skin but not as dark as Africian, for example. They sang Justin Bieber's song 'Mistletoe' and it was AMAZING!!! They were mostly guys but there was one girl. They had a really nice, soft, mellow, indie sort of sounding voices that I could have listened to all day. There was only one problem....they definitely were NOT comfortable up on stage! The guys kept joking around and hiding behind each other which was funny to look at, but I think it sort of spoilt their performance. but once the instructor (the one who made us sing bumblebee) gave them a few pointers, they were great. Keep an ear out for 'Outsiders' in the future, peeps!!

Then on Tuesday night it was the formal. As usual, it was awkward at the start. Great music was playing but no one was game enough to dance. But when a few people got going, everyone did. It was a fantastic night, and the best part was I knew the words to most of the songs which helped heaps! Probs coz I'm an avid radio listener. The ending song was 'Champagne Showers' by LMFAO which was epic. it felt like I was in a real nightclub, if you know what I mean! my feet are still sore from dancing so much. also, I'm sorry I didn't take any photos coz my camera was too big to carry around all night.

On Wednesday we were supposed to have our Challenge day (doing mountain bike riding, bush cooking, bush walking, etc) but mother nature decided to make it absolutely pour rain so it was cancelled. I'm not sorry though...I wasn't looking forward to mountain bike riding! So Wednesday turned out pretty normal, actually.

On Thursday night, I was up to my knees in homework. Maths, English, Science...I managed to finish off the Maths homework AND the English essay, much to my relief.

So tonight, Friday night, is my only night I can actually relax. I've been looking forward to today the whole week. I can play some Sims on the Wii, watch some TV, and start to read The Hunger Games! Yes folks, I finally have all three books in my posession (all borrowed from the library) and I am soooo looking forward to devouring them this weekend.

Well my friends, sorry if that took AAGGEESS to read. It took me AAGGEESS to write, btw. this would all usually be spread evenly through numerous posts instead of one huge one, but as you've just read, I haven't had much time this week.

Now I'm going to go and check other people's blogs, sooooo

See ya!!!

♥ EJ


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