Thursday, 24 May 2012

Epic Bubble!

I mean, isn't that bubble A-MAZING?? That's not me, btw. I have always wanted to make a bubble that huge but I've never had success. The main reason I have even posted that pic and heading is coz it's a way to get your attention, coz everybody loves bubbles. ♥

OK, moving on. ;P

Well, yeah, today is Friday. (mini party happening inside me right now.)
I can't believe I haven't posted since Sunday! It's not like I've had an overly busy week or anything but....I actually don't know why I haven't posted sooner to be honest! Anyway, enough of that. Today has been pretty good, actually. Probably coz it's gone pretty quickly. Oh yeah, today was the 50th anniversary of my school being at this location, the open day. pretty crazy, eh? Anyway, yeah, so today was that. All these old, black and white photos have been put on walls of past students (in the 80's and 90's) and it was so weird seeing all the teachers when they were younger! All these old people (past students) have been strolling around the place all day. Actually, at the moment I am sitting in the library on this computer and all these teachers and other randoms are all talking and eating behind me. I hope they don't come over and say in that stupid little teacher voice "S-O, what are YOU doing?" It is kinda awkward although I'm used to it coz Dad's a teacher here.....but that doesn't make it any less awkward!!!!!! :P

I am trying to drown out the voice of the teacher I hate at the moment by listening to music on my IPod (it's 'lonely boy' by the black keys, btw) and it's currently working well. yay! ☺ but, my ears are beginning to hurt coz I have it pretty loud. should I take them out? NO, that would give teachers the opportunity to approach and chat to me, that must not happen. :)

AHHHH, scary! It's not just teachers in here now, there's randoms! I just saw one walk in the door....oh please oh please don't come over here and see what I'm writing.....ok, I'm going to swap windows now....just excuse me for a minute, readers.......(eek!)

OK, I'm back. I think the coast is clear....phew. ;)

Sozz guys, Dad just came in and I gotta go home now. Cya!

♥ EJ


Hey guys. I'm now home, wearing my pj's and a big baggy jumper. ahh, bliss. :)
it is rainy and freezing outside and we just had some tomato soup with pasta. yummy!

Now, the main reason I posted again is because I did something AMAZING. Okay, okay, it wasn't that amazing, but it's pretty good! When we were leaving the library (my dad, brother and me, that is) we passed a table with leftover food on it. I couldn't resist grabbing a bit of lemon slice, a delish jam sort of one...and....wait for it.....RAINBOW LAYER CAKE!!!!!
And I mean, the real rainbow layer cake, the epic version!!! (check the pic below!)

Lots of love,



PS- the pic is off Google Images, but it looks exactly like the real thing I ate!!!

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  1. hi ej
    that bubble is great and that cake.....oh wow yummylicious. i honestly didnt know that australia got that cold. i use to live in england where it wuz wet most of the year around and now im in canada where some days its very wet but it can get hot and in the winter it can get cold.