Sunday, 20 May 2012

The 20 Day Celebrity Photo Challenge!

Hey! :) 
Hope you've all had a great weekend so far.

Rightio, I found this photo challenge one day whilst I was just checking out random things on the internet, and thought it'd be fun to do. Here's the vid I put together of it- the background song's by Fun. and it's called 'we are young'.

Now, here's the reasoning behind my choices, and who the people are (if you're not sure) and the list if you want to try it too! (just delete who I chose and you're good to go if you want to do it.)

DAY 1: A photo of your favourite band- ONE DIRECTION. 
I chose these guys coz I love their songs. They're so catchy and always make me feel great. Plus, they're pretty cute!

DAY 2: A photo of the celebrity you would marry if you were given the chance- REECE MASTIN. Reece won The X Factor Australia last year. For more information, check out my other blog

DAY 3: A photo of the celebrity you would turn gay/lesbian for- CHRISTINA PARIE
Christina also was in The X Factor Australia last year, in about the top 5. I went and saw her live in concert.

DAY 4: A photo of your favourite rapper- DRAPHT
Drapht is an awesome Aussie rapper whose tunes are sure to be stuck in your head in no time! One of my faves is Rapunzel.

DAY 5: A photo of a celebrity who’s hair you would like to have- ASHLEY BENSON
Ash stars in TV series Pretty Little Liars and I love her hair! Probably coz I'm not blonde, but also coz she styles it so nice! (actually, she'd probs have someone else to do it, but anyway...)

DAY 6: A photo of a celebrity who you would like to have a kissing scene with if you were in a movie with them- JOSH HUTCHERSON
No explanation necessary. Even though the pic I've included is of a younger version of him, he's hot! Check out Josh as he stars as Peeta in The Hunger Games.

DAY 7: A photo of a celebrity you would love to trade lives with- JENNIFER LAWRENCE
I'd love to be Jen for at least a day. It'd be awesome to chill with Josh and Liam all day and act in The Hunger Games!

DAY 8: A photo of your favourite Disney star/s. – SELENA GOMEZ
I remember Selena from back in her Wizards of Waverly Place days. Now, she's grown up and won the Bieb's heart. She's pretty cool!

DAY 9: A photo of a celebrity who you would love to be best friends with.- ASHLEY GREENE
Ash always seems to be having a great time! I'd be able to hang out with all her famous friends, at the Twilight set and steal some of her wardrobe!

DAY 10: A photo of your favourite country artist/band.- TAYLOR SWIFT 
I love Taylor's style, music....and hair! Oh, who couldn't love that hair??

DAY 11: A photo of a band/artist that you like that aren’t famous worldwide yet.- BECAUSE THEY CAN
Because they can are like a 2012 version of The Beatles! Expect to see more of these guys soon.

DAY 12: A photo of a actor/actress from your favourite tv show- LEA MICHELE
Lea plays Rachel Berry in my fave TV show Glee.

DAY 13: A photo of the celebrity that you would do anything to meet- ???
I wouldn't do ANYTHING to meet any celebrity. A bit too broad of question, I think!!

DAY 14: A photo of a celebrity that whos concert you would love to go to- P!NK
My parents have both been to P!NK's concerts and have raved about them, I think she'd be awesome to go and see!

DAY 15: A photo of a celebrity who you think cares more about the money and fame rather than the fans- TAYLOR MOMSEN
Personally, I don't know very much abotu Taylor, but from what I've heard, she fits into this category perfectly.

DAY 16: A photo of a celebrity you would love to have over for dinner- STEPHENIE MEYER
Since I think I'm an ''author in the waiting', it'd be amazing to meet Stephenie and chat about all things Twilight and writing books!

DAY 17: A photo of a celebrity who would play you in a movie about your life- ZOOEY DESCHANEL
Zooey has my fringe cut, and her quirky personality would suit my life down pat!

DAY 18: A photo of a celebrity whos wardrobe you would love to own- ELLE FANNING
Elle always seems to be in the cutest of clothing, and with that sister and that hair, what's not to love?

DAY 19: A photo of a celebrity whos house you would like a tour of- JUSTIN BIEBER
From what I've heard, the Biebs' house is something to see!

DAY 20: A photo of a celebrity who you think is a role model- EMMA WATSON
Emma was awesome in The Harry Potter series and since she's decided to go to uni, very much unlike most other stars her age, she's awesome!

Until next time,

♥ EJ


  1. wow we have a lot in common! glad i came across your blog :)

    1. aww thanks! :-)
      glad I found yours too!
      ♥ EJ

  2. Ashley Greene was Alice, right?? She's a cutie :)

    And my sister was lucky enough to score a ticket to P!nk with a friend... she text me telling me she'd touched P!nk's hand, and I was soooo jealous. Then I found out she was tricking me and was grumpy instead...

    1. yeah she was Alice. I agree, she is sweet.

      hahahah LOL she really had u fooled! I would love to go to a P!NK concert one day though- she's amazing.
      ♥ EJ