Saturday, 12 May 2012


Hello hello and HELLO. I just had a hot chocolate with four marshmallows so I'm a bit hyped!

Today has been a wonderfully lazy Saturday. Slept in, read The Hunger Games, went for a walk, done things lazy people do on lazy days ;P
I've also got Monday off, which makes this weekend even more amazing!!

Yes, tomorrow is Mothers Day! A big thank you to my friend Chanelle who posted a sweet idea for Mothers Day, I will definitely do it! ♥

Weeeeelll what else to say? oh YEH yesterday was Round Robin Netball!! And my team lost every game! wooo hooo we suck but we had fun anyway. and as the teachers say, that's all that matters. ;)

Also, I am MEGA excited that I have 13 followers!! I remember when I had none at all....those were sad, sad times. ;)
I ♥ you guys, thanks for taking the time to press the 'following' button and read my ramblings without complaining.

Well, cheerio my friends, post again soon,

♥ EJ

PS- make sure you check out my other blog, which is all about my #1 celeb crush at the moment, Reece Mastin!!! xx


  1. Looks like you are having fun lately :)

    I can't wait to see how the Mother's Day thingy turns out, if you're going to do it :))

    Have a great day!

    1. Yeah I guess I am. :)

      Ohh yes that! Mum loved it thanks so much!! I'm a bit busy tonight but I'll try to upload a photo as soon as I can.

      You have a great one too. ☺

      ♥ EJ

  2. Having followers and having lazy days is good. I have not read the Hunger Games yet. Hope you were able to give your mother a good day.

    P.S eww Reece Mastin... thus why I'm following this blog and not the other one.

    1. Heya Bonnee! ☺

      You should read The Hunger Games they're a great series, I'm about halfway through the final one now. Yeah Mum had a great day, we spoilt her heaps!

      PS- nahh that's alright not everybody likes him I understand that.

      Chat later!

  3. Sounds like a lovely "lazy" day :) Reading the Hunger Games made it amazing though ;D

    Congrats on 13 followers! ♥ I remember when I first started Blogging... I thought I'd never get more then 10! ;D


    1. It was a great lazy day ☺ Now I'm back at school everything's busy again. And yeah I agree, the hunger games were awesome, I love how they just transport you to another world, if you know what I mean.

      Thanks! well it's 15 now I can't believe I've suddenly got so much! It feels like only yesterday I had only five... ;P
      Yeah I remember when I started, I was so excited when I just had one, lol!

      ♥ EJ