Thursday, 31 May 2012

Click this to read my mind! ;P Or at least, take a look into it.....

Hahahahahahah I knew you couldn't resist having a look, especially after my post title! :D
OKAY, now this post is gonna be a big overload coz I've been storing about a million different things in the back of my head to post, so get comfy!  A-hem, let us begin from Monday night...

Monday night, I was lying in bed and my overactive imagination was going crazy, as usual. Had that cute guy in English class really looked at me or had it been my imagination? That Maths homework that's due on Friday....what if I forget to do it and get a detention? I must get up and write it in my diary now to remember to do it tomorrow night. Oh but I can't, it's 10:30pm and I need my sleep! But you'll get detention! What's more important, detention or sleep?

Well, you get the picture! But the biggest thing on my mind was tomorrow (which was Tuesday, at the time,) coz of the Melbourne Zoo excursion!!! (Melbourne is the captial of my state, and is about a 3-4 hour drive away from my home town, for my readers who don't live in Australia.) I haven't been to Melbourne Zoo for such a long time, the last time I went my brother hadn't even been born (and he's 10 now!!!) so of course I was pretty excited about that. But of course, I had to imagine the worst possible outcomes possible as well. What if I puke on the bus trip? What if I get lost? What if-? But I stop myself. I'm just getting ridiculous. I roll over and listen to the song 'Bella' by Angus and Julia Stone on my IPod and eventually drift asleep.

The next morning, I was woken by the song 'Starships' by Nicki Minaj on my radio. I grumble and see the time is 5:45am. I need to leave school at 7:30am in order to get a full day in at the Zoo. So, much to my digust, I drag myself out of bed and get ready. When I make it to school (eventually!) we wait. and wait. and wait. but the bus doesn't come. Why? Why? Why? Turns out, the bus company said that we didn't book any buses! WTF? we did too, you liars!! But anyway....about half an hour later this bus turned up and we all jumped on and guess what....there weren't enough seats!!! >:(    Talk about bad luck! And this bus was more like a coach- the seats were as comfy as couches! So, some people still standing in the walkway in the centre of the bus coz of the limited amount of seating, we drove back to the bus station thingy and got this bus that seated everyone but had really uncomfy seats. Arrghh.

But eventually we made our way to Melbourne, to the zoo. My legs were all numb from sitting for so long!! We had played the game Sweet and Sour on the bus trip---you wave to randoms out the window either in cars or on the footpath and if they wave they're sweet...and if they don't they're sour.....and then you count up the amount you got. Hahahah small things amuse small minds, I suppose! :P 

Anyway, we first made our way to the Kampung Gajah, which is Indonesian for an elephant park or something as one big group (ohh yeahhh, the reason we came to the zoo was to look at these Indonesian elephants and answer some questions on them...I went with my Indo class.....OMG I can't believe I didn't mention this before!) and saw the elephants! Man I hadn't seen elephants since I was about two years old...they are so cool! But it was a bit crowded so we decided to come back later. Then we were allowed to go into our own little groups to explore the zoo, and it was sooo cool! The baboons were absolutely classic- there was a little king baboon who sat in the tallest tree and they had the ugliest bums in the universe! I also saw King Julien (from Madagascar) and all his other little friends. I also saw lions, a giant tortoise (who was sooo beautiful), crocodiles, snakes, fish, kangaroos (LOL I have these in my backyard!!!) emus, wild dogs, bears, tigers, leopards, all types of monkeys and wild cats, meercats who were so adorable I couldn't stand it, frogs, and oh my god I could go on and on but I won't coz this post is long enough as it is! So the day at the zoo was a success- I'll put it that shortly. Although I did get lost in the gorilla part of the park which was a tad creepy!!

The bus trips were perfectly fine- I didn't feel sick at all. I am such a worrier it's bad!!!

Anyway, I was a zombie for most of Wednesday, but somehow I managed to make my way through (I have no idea how, don't ask me) and I made a dude out of clay! he was so cool I'll post a photo when I get him back, when he's dry.

And then there was today, Thursday. I had computers with my Dad in the morning (yessss my Dad is a teacher at school) then I had P.E where did a baseball/soccer thing, and then it was Science. That's all, really.

I would go on about the zoo, my Wednesday and Thursday, but my dinner is ready and the smell is so deliciously tempting I can't handle it! Catch ya later!!

♥ EJ

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