Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thursday Nite


Well, hope everything is going well in your world, because things are going mighty fine in mine.

Tomorrow is my school's Round Robin. My Volleyball team and I are travelling to Alexandra, a town about 30-40 minutes away to play Volleyball against other girls our age in neighbouring towns. I'm not the best Volleyball player out there, so wish me luck! Fingers crossed I won't make a fool of myself by getting hit in the head by the ball. ;P

On Sunday my bff Jo and I are going to see The Hunger Games. I haven't read the books yet
coz I don't own a set myself and both my school library and local library have the books already lent out, so I'll have to read them after I watch the movie. :(
But I do know the storyline and judging from what lots of people have told me, they're awesome.

Well I got my latest DOLLY mag a while ago and the 2 free gifts I got were a beanie and eyeliner. Pretty cool, although I wanted the pair of sunnies can't have everything you want in life!

Sozz I haven't been posting in a while...when I posted the French sort of one just before my cousins came up to stay for the weekend and it was pretty busy! Also, this week has been pretty hectic, and I only just managed to post the super-quick post about Reece Mastin (♥) just the other day. Sorry about that, hehe.

Well, I better go now. It's 8:30pm and Dad's getting a bit cranky and I've got a heap of things to do before I go to bed so....

This is where I bid you farewell.

Until next time, with a The Hunger Games review of how it went (actually I might get on before then, perhaps Friday or Saturday...but ANYWAY)

Lots of love





  1. Hey EJ
    Sounds like a busy week :P
    And I'm seeing Hunger Games on saturday night I think it will be sooooo AMAZING don't you?

    1. Hey Caitlin,
      Yeah it was a really busy week.
      OMG I just saw the Hunger Games today (Sunday)!!!!! It was AMAZING!!! It was so sad when Rue died. :(
      I agree with your post they just should have kissed already!! But I was also sort of glad in a way they didn't coz Gale was watching back home and it was awkward enough for him without them actually kissing.

      The movie kept me on the edge of my seat for basically the whole thing!!!

      (PS- I tried to post on ur blog but the words I have to type in to prove i'm not a robot weren't loading properly so I couldn't. Sorry.)



      May the odds be ever in your favor....

    2. Hey EJ
      I cried so hard when Rue died I love her. And in the book Peeta and Katniss have alot more stuff happening LoL Did you scream when the Mutts randomly jumped out?
      May the Odds be EVER in your favour :)

    3. Hey,
      I know Rue was so sweet.

      Ohh do they reaally? ooooh! I really want to read the book soon. Which do you think is better, the book or movie??
      And YES I did scream when they jumped out also when Cato suddenly attacked them when they were on the weapons shed.
      Love EJ

      Hehe...may the odds be ever in your favour

  2. Hey EJ
    What's a Dolly Mag?

    1. Hey Tyler
      Dolly is the name of a magazine I read, which comes with free gifts every month. Hehe that's all it is. :)