Friday, 16 March 2012

French!!! ♥ xo

Sitting in the study, on Blogger, waiting for my lovely cousins to come for a weekend visit...
la di da....
feeling a bit loopy...but in a good way, mind you...
just checked my idol (reece mastin's) twitter him so much...♥
My hotmail is full to the brim...about forty new messages...I haven't checked it in a few days :p
Feeling a bit frenchy....wearing a shirt with french writing on idea what it says (LOL!) wearing a French beret, wearing French makeup (smokey eyes, mascara, bold lips...)...before you ask I have no idea why...

I lost my French book from last year....Merde! (look it up) I can't say too much in French coz I can't remember much. All I know is Merde, Bonjour and je'taime! Pretty pathetic aye?

Well my bff Jo was sick today....hope you get better...xx

YAY it's the weekend!! But it seems like it will be a pretty big one...with my cousins coming up and with my uncle's bike race up Mt. Buller.....but anything's better than packing boxes! But hopefully this will be the last time we have to move....for a LONG time.

Caitlin, I've copied your muffin recipe so I'll have to try it when thing's aren't so busy around here....

G2G now...hope you guys have a great weekend....






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