Sunday, 11 March 2012

My thoughts today...

Better late than never....

classic me, behind the times, only just watched the movie 'I am Number Four' last night when it's been out for ages. :P
I really, really liked it!
Teresa Palmer played a kick-ass character who is so awesome!! Alex Pettyfer (*sigh*) was as hot as always playing the main character John Smith.
It was also nice seeing Dianna Agron play someone other than Quinn in Glee, and I can relate to her character a lot.

But it was new comer Callan McAuliffe (is that how you spell his name?) who I loved. Not only is he Aussie (WOOT!) but he is cute too. He plays Sam, John's  (geeky but cool) best mate. Expect to see a lot more of him! Remember, you heard it here first!

The fighting scenes were absolutely EPIC and the whole story line was woven so well I was entranced until the very end.

If you haven't seen it yet.....I very highly reccomend you see it!! ♥

Anyone reading this who has already seen it.....any idea when the second one is coming out, coz I'm dying to know!!

Lots of love





  1. I love this movie it is soooo amazing Alex Pettyfer absolutely gorgeous and totally agreed the guy who plays is friend is really cute i stayed up till4am doing a movie marathon with my friend and we were going crazy y time we watched I am Number 4 so we couldnt really figure out what was happening LoL
    Yea anyways
    Caitlin :)

    1. I know I ♥ it too! Alex Pettyfer is soo hot! I stayed up late too when I watched it the first time...after I watched it once I went back and watched my fave scenes again! I love the last scene at their school it was so amazing, Teresa Palmer (the girl who played Number Six) kicked some serious alien ass!