Tuesday, 1 January 2013

~summer nights~

i actually dont know why i called this post that, coz it isnt even night its three oclock in the afternoon but oh well thats my mind for ya. hey, dont you love it when in holidays you loose track of the days? thats happening with me right now hehe

ok...since im lacking imagination and enthusiasm to write a full, proper post im going to make lists. yaaaay lists! ok, here we go....(ill do three....)


1. swam in the pool
ok so here in australia its summer and its stinking hot so ive spent most days swimming in the pool c': bliss i know 

2. watched gossip girl series 1+2
it is very addictive. for some reason i love watching the drama, life and troubles of the rich and the famous people from the united states. My favourite character? thats a hard one....it changes almost every episode!

3. watched movies
the avengers, red riding hood, harry potter and the deathly hallows pt. 1 + 2, snow white and the hunstman, just to name a few. its been movie heaven for me ♥

4. celebrated christmas
christmas this year was very different because it wasnt busy like it usually is. i wasnt rushing from house from house, cousins to cousins, grabbing presents and eating food along the way. we stayed at home this chrissie and even though it was very different to what im used to, it was very nice.

5. take down the christmas tree
we did this yesterday, actually. it was kind of depressing taking down all the festiveness. now my loungeroom looks bare. boo.

6. watch the clock tick over to 12:00am
on new years eve, i mean. yes, i stayed up and watched the exact second it went from 11:59, 31st December 2012, to 12:00, 1st January 2013. but i didnt party or anything, i just ate some chocolate and lollies from my secret stash. hehe.

7. stayed up late
this is quite a bad habit of mine, staying up late. but in the holidays, when its allowed, ive been reaallyy bad. lucky i can sleep in the next morning

8. blogged
not very regularly, and i apologize about that. but the reason i havent been posting in quite a while is because most of my days consist of: gossip girl, food, tv, writing, swimming, food. you get the picture. not very exciting shiz to write about

9. gone old school
bored out of my wits one afternoon, I went digging in the drawers and found my old Nintendo DS and Gameboy advance!!!!! needless to say, i was occupied all afternoon.

10. write
yes, ive kept going with Anywhere But Here, my 30 something page something story. im quite proud of myself, because usually unless i really, really enjoy writing something i stop. but this one i really do enjoy so yeah.


1. moving up a level
this year will certainly be very different... im just 1 year off senior school which is quite daunting...this time next year ill be a senior! eeeek! haha as much as im nervous a part of me is excited!

2. classes
my classes for semester 1 are pretty sucky. ive got bad teachers for most of them, subjects i dont like....but luckily semester 2 looks waaaaay better!!! so ill just have to hang out till then, i guess.

3. getting older
ill be another year older (maybe wiser) by the end of this year. but dont even dare ask what i want for my b'day. christmas is barely finished, people!!

4. getting a laptop
yup, this year I can get my own laptop for schooooolll! yippee this means watching movies on my own laptop at night (no, not on school nights mum) and, most importantly (skip all the other good reasons) because i dont have to borrow ones that the school has.

5. finish anywhere but here
this is more of a wish, but i also think it is a new years resolution for me. get this straight, i have NEVER finished a story before. unbelieveable, right? ive nearly reached 200 pages with one but never fully finished one yet. 

6. change my status
oh, this is another wish actually, hehe. but im hoping this year will be the year my relationship status goes from single to taken. also, this is the year my mum formally allows me to date (But the way dad carries on i dont think he'd want me to have a boyfriend till im 21)

7. enjoy my holiday
in the march/april school holidays my family and i are going to JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. mah cashola!
no its not a type of pasta, im talking about how much money ive got saved up! a whole $250 hehe yupppp!

2. instagram
insta is the only social networking thing i have. i mean, ive got blogger of course but i mean the big ones like FB, Twitter, Tumblr. if your wondering its coz im not allowed on them. but if you DO have an instagram, search up my username    sundae_mornings    and chuck me a follow!

3. reece mastin concert
im going on January 25th to his concertttttttttttttt yahoo im so exciteddddddddddddddd even though its weeks awayyyyyyyyyyyyy sorry im fangirling here :P 

4. sadness
i missed out on seeing Perks of being a wallflower when it was in cinemas. i am so sad coz i really wanted to see it on the big screen!! now ill just have to wait till it comes out on DVD....

so, until next time bloggers!!

stay cool!

love EJ xxx


  1. Your holidays sound like pretty much anyone else's holidays in Australia... except I don't have a pool to swim in :(


    I also missed out on seeing Perk's of Being a Wall-Flower in cinemas... And if the Hobbit doesn't move over and stop hogging all of the movie timetable slots, I'm going to end up missing out on Life of Pi as well... atm, my nearest cinema is only showing it at the crack of dawn when I'm still sleeping, or the latest hours of the night when nobody wants to take me there or pick me up afterwards...

    1. hahahah yeah im going!! its going to be my first overseas holiday so its a pretty big deal :D my mum went over there when she was 15 as an exchange student so we know some people over there that she stayed with which is good. we're also going to tokyo disneyland which will be awesome!!! haha cant wait!

      and IKR also 'skyfall' the james bond movie took up heaps of movie timetable slots at my cinema. i find both of those movies annoying. but oh yeah life of pi looks good doesnt it! i want to see it too c:

    2. That's so good that you get to go overseas. I've been to China (oh what a fail that was) and New Zealand, but Japan is the place I want to go most desperately. Sounds like you'll have a blast anyway!

      I don't care for the Bond movies, but I do want to see the Hobbit. It just shouldn't hog the timetable. Life of Pi looks amazing, I want to see it!