Tuesday, 15 January 2013



  • ice cream and chocolate topping= yummy in my tummy ♪♥♪♥
  • holidays should never end!!! 
  • what day is it again? sorry, i loose track of time during the holidays
  • i ship chair (watch gossip girl to understand)
  • dont question chuck bass, he is a badass.  a sexy one at that
  • i just met you AND I LOVE YOU ~up
  • to go to bed or to blog...decisions, decisions...
  • i miss free wi-fi!!!
  • why is tv always so crappy this time of year? i miss my TV! 
  • i cant wait for reece's concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ed sheeran is the cutest thing
  • niall is my leprechaun
  • you can never move forward if your looking backwards
  • what will my day consist of tomorrow?
  • hey, i watched the woman in black yesterday, have you seen it? its the scariest movie i have ever seen, but also one of the coolest :3
  • my dog Rosie is staring at me from outside the window, with the cutest biggest eyes...nawwwwww
  • omg im melting...she is too cute
  • i need a drink
  • hehehehehehe
  • she's still there
  • at the window
  • giving me the big, "let me come in" eyes
  • im going to go now
  • my friend just texted me
  • goodbye
  • for now
  • muhahahahahaha


  1. You're a funny one, EJ. :) Ice cream and chocolate topping are sooooo gooood, especially at this time of year. Chair... Chuck and Blair? I need to just give in and accept that I like a show like Gossip Girl so I can watch it without smacking myself out over how stupid I find it every minute... Haha your dog sounds cute :)

    1. hahaha im gonna take that as a compliment Bonnee :P
      haha yup Chair is chuck and blair :D and haha come on just enjoy it!
      and yes she is, her name is Rosie. xxx

  2. Hi EJ! Cool post as always. Anyway, here I just nominated you in a Liebster award! ^^ kindly check this post (http://ginfragont.blogspot.com/2013/01/piece-of-mind.html), thank you and have a fancy day!


    1. Hey Nava, I havent seen your face around these parts for a while! ;) im glad your back.
      and wow, thanks!! ill check it out :3