Sunday, 13 January 2013

im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

hey yes, the crazy blogger EJ is back from her holiday! :D didya miss me? oh, im sure you did, stop shaking your head.

ok, so in case you've forgotten, i was on holiday for the week with my cousins. and it was great. i wont go into detail, but we went to the beach which was lovely, it was perfect weather. we also did some shopping, used free wi-fi, and celebrated my grandmas 90th birthday. oh and also it was lovely catching up with the family :) also we ate the BEST food, (chocolate, lollies, souvlaki, sushi, peppermint and chocolate ice cream, strawberries, grapes, chocolate thickshakes) and there is more but i know i am already making you drool :P

and i also got a 'kik' account, which is like an instant messager, kind of like texting you could say but its an app and you need to know peoples usernames to be able to kik them. i also regularly update my insta, so search    sundae_mornings   if you have instagram and thats me!

ok so the rest of my holidays involve very little. apart from my nan and pa coming to visit this weekend and going to REECE MASTINS CONCERT, WHICH WILL BE AMAZINGGGGGGG, there really isnt that much. 

all i know is, im going to be enjoying as much of the holidays as i can before school (eeek, hate that word) goes back. 

also, there are new catching fire pictures released (the 2nd hunger games movie) which have got my PSYCHED for it!!! but its released in november this year which is too long to wait and an absolute bummer. >:( cant wait that looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong

anyway, blog later!!!
love EJ xxx 


  1. You made me all hungry!!! :p Glad you're enjoying your holidays, EJ :)

    Second Hunger Games movie? Sweet :) I liked the first one, until I read the book. Then I decided I still liked it, just not as much, because books are usually better than their movie counterparts. November, here comes EJ! Haha :)

    1. hahaha i thought it would :P how are your holiday?

      and hmm its been a while since ive read the first book, i may have to re read it soon :o and haha yes :D

    2. Holidays are good so far, mostly. Loving the heat. Not so much the bush-fires though. Hope your holidays are good too :)

    3. Mmm im not such a big fan of the heat. i dont know about you but recently we've had around 35-40 degree days consistently and its yuck! but theyve been good, i dont want to go back to schooool especially coz ive got pretty crappy classes for first semester :(