Saturday, 26 January 2013


Hey Hey Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyy!
well, the title gives it away doesnt it? last night i went to Reece Mastin's concert in Albury! its his 2nd one ive been to (his first one was the last of last year) and he failed to dissapoint! infact, he did the exact opposite!! he was absolutely amazing! well, actually, first the supporting act 'At Sunset', a 3 boy local Aussie band performed a few songs first. They were actually pretty good!! But it was obvious Reece was the one everybody was waiting for. And, before you ask, no i didnt take the photos. My mum, who came to the concert with me (because my dad doesnt really like reece and my brother said he'd go deaf from all the screaming girls), was up the back taking lots of photos and videos for me to look back at later while i was up the front, second from the very front row, in the mosh pit!! his last concert i went to i just sat down like a civilised woman for the start and did get up but he was a fair while away. this time i was jumping and singing and dancing around like a crazy animal on drugs (you get my picture). Normally, this would look really weird, but 2 things made it okay.

1. My singing was droned out by Reece's and everybody elses
2. everyone else in the mosh pit was dancing crazy too.

haha so it was fine! he sung all the songs from his album along with a few others. and, yes, he took his shirt off. thats kind of a tradition now hahaha! his bandmates Dave + Marcus were also amazing. Reece and his band put so much effort into their performance, so much energy, and you could tell they all had such a passion for what they do. when he very first walked out, i was in shock for the first few songs. because he was, RIGHT THERE. If i shoved past a security guard i could have touched him!! Reece really worked the stage, he made sure he got around to everyone and I was THIS CLOSE to being able to touch his hand but i didnt :( but he did smile at me though during quite a sexy lyric of the song and i nearly had a heart attack!! haha not seriously :p but it was amazing. even though coz its summer here it got a tad stuffy inside (the smoke machine probably helped with that). he is so SEXY thats one of the things that was different from last time, this concert he was a lot more sexy he did pelvic thrusts and i nearly fainted!! i had the best time and all of today i have been having Reece withdrawals. its funny coz i had them the day after his first one last year too. this is what was going on in my mind: i wont be able to see him for another yeeeaarr, go to his concert for another yeeaarr, how will i cope? it was the most AMAZING night grrrrrrr

 but lucky mum got heaps of photos and videos that i can look back on and relive the night whenever i want to. of course it wont be the same but it might help ease the pain XP

oh and guess what?? Reece actually stayed at the same motel as me!!! no i didnt get to see him :( but that fact alone was amazing!

hahaaaaaaaaaaaaah im fangirling here arent I? okay, ill stop now :p and share with you some photos. sorry they're on the side so you have to put your head to the side hehehe but blogger isnt let me flip them for some reason. so anyway, enjoy!! 

all my love 




  1. I cry a little inside every time someone fangirls over this kid... oh well, still better than One Direction or Justin Bieber. At least he's Aussie. Hahaha glad you enjoyed yourself, EJ :)