Monday, 24 December 2012

merry christmas! ♪


ho ho ho merry christmas my followers (and anyone else whose reading this aka a potential follower yaaay)! i know its not over yet but how has your christmas day been so far? mine has been awesome.

 most christmases im visiting AALLL my family and rushing from one place to the next with presents bundled in the back of the car which we barely havent even looked at yet. so, usually, its a non-stop day of awesome food, paper hats and presents. but this year is different. we have spent christmas at home, with just my family. Mum, Dad and my brother Rory and I have spent today very differently. well first rory came in and woke me up at like 5:00am to go see if santa has been and i was still half asleep so that was no different. but it was different because it was laidback. no rushing from place to place. i actually stayed in my pyjamas for a lot of the day and did things OUR way. ate when we wanted. opened presents when we wanted. relaxed, my parents even had a little snooze in the middle of the day shh dont tell anyone ;)
what did I get? a lot!! if you really want to know, read the next paragraph. if you couldnt care less what i got, skip it.

snow white and the huntsman on DVD, a new purple and black striped bikini, Reece Mastin concert tickets, bracelets, pool toys, nail polish, a lot of cash, clothes and um i think thats all. so santa was quite generous this year :3

its been a pleasent temperature all day, not too hot as it is usually. but im still in a tshirt and shorts but the humidity has gone which is good. so its been nice all round. a nice lunch, awesome presents, great company...good all round.

for my new years resolution? i havent been so efficient with that i still havent REALLY decided, but ive got a slight idea. to finish the current story im working on by this time next year. big ask i know. its called 'Anywhere But Here' and only has 25 pages as to date but im really enjoying writing it and hopefully i stick with it as i have written a nearly 200 page story last year but have given up on it now.

but anyway, i hope you have a merry christmas and a happy new year!

with lots of love,



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  1. Did I read that wrong? Cuz I feel like you just wrote that you got a concert ticket!!!! Oh EJ, are you going to his concert??? I HAVEN'T EVEN GONE TO ANY CONCERTS BEFORE FOR THE WHOLE LIFE GEEZ!! xD

    1. haha yes i am nava :D i am so mega exciteddddddddddddddddddddddd! and who would you like to see in concert? :O

  2. Hey you! I didn't manage to wish you a Merry Christmas in time, but I'm here to wish you an awesome New Year! See you in 2013 :)

    1. Hey Chanelle! :)
      aww hey happy new year to you too! hope you had an awesome christmas too. ♥