Monday, 24 December 2012

♪ christmas eve! ♪

first of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! well, technically its not christmas yet but i figured i should just say it anyway. what are ya'll doing for the break? im just chilling around home...i likey!

anyway my biggest news (apart from the fact that chrissie is tomorrow) is that i got my school report today, and im pretty happy with it. a whole lotta C's and three B' happy with that!! also i got my timetable for semester one of next year and most of the subjects i got were majorly crappy, which sucks. but lucky dads a teacher so hopefully he can swap me into some better ones :3

guess what i also discovered? gossip girl!!! i know im late to the party but im really enjoying it! if you've seen it id love to chat gg with someone

anyway ive got to go, its christmas eve!! got to go spend time with the carols...unwrap some presents early, hehe.

merry christmas,




  1. Congrats on your grades!

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

    1. thanks Krista! :D that means a lot

      and you too xx