Monday, 17 December 2012

a snippet...

heyyooo well my holidays have been awesome so far :D just been chillin like a villian....whatever that means :3 
anyway, the reason i posted this post was for Bonnee, who tagged me in her post (look at it for more information) so HERE IT IS BONNEE:


Ben laughs and expertly catches the pillow in mid air and flings it back in my direction. It gets me square in the face.
I squeal as I lose balance and fall into a heap on the car seat. Ben’s laugh is a special one alright, and right now it is the only thing I can hear.
I sit back up and throw the pillow back at him, this time Cass catching it instead. She has sat up. “Enough you two,” she puts on her motherly-kind of voice again. It’s annoying when she does that. “It’s only seven in the morning!”
“She started it,” Ben grins my way. Even though he’s older than me, sometimes he definitely doesn’t act like it. Before I can argue, I hear the passenger door across from mine open and Cody crawls into the van, his hair looking like he had just gotten electrocuted.
“Nice bed hair,” I notice as he sits beside me.
“Cheers,” he mumbles un-enthusiastically. 

soooo there it is. =] hope you enjoyed it!
love EJ xxx


  1. Loves it! I don't see present tense used very often. Now I wanna have a pillow fight with someone! :D

    1. hahah thank you :3 thats only the start and trust me it gets better.

  2. Replies
    1. thank chouuuuuuuuuuu that means a lot :D