Thursday, 16 August 2012

Music ★

I've got to say, music takes up about 50% of my soul. Whenever I listen to it, it just feels.........right. thats probably not the best word to use but its the first thing that comes to mind. today in music class, we listened to the year 12's practise for their VCE music exams. I'm not afraid to admit I was in awe of their amazing musical ability and raw talent (not to mention the awesome songs they were playing!!)

anyway, its FRIDAY! yay! I am mega excited its the weekend.........but also a bit freaked out that its come so quickly!!! :O

Pity the horrible weather....cold, rainy, cloudy.....yuck :P
but it's good hot chocolate and blanket weather yay :D

weeeeeeeeel that was just a quick update for you guys, back to Polyvore!! haha you could say Im kinda addicted to it. =P




  1. I even sleep with music on xD Mostly instrumentals to help me relax, but when I'm awake, I'm all rock and stuff.

    I like rainy weather! ^.^

    1. hello my beautiful friend Chanelle!
      thanks for commenting! it seems not many people do these days
      I sometimes sleep with music on too! I forget to turn my IPod off...oops! XD

  2. We've had our VCE music students performing their stuff in Assembly every fortnight. :) We had an awesome jazzy saxophone solo this week, and the other week we had some pretty rockin' guitar. It's really amazing to see what people can do. I get jealous. I'm so musically untalented :(