Thursday, 9 August 2012

hey! :-)

w-o-w w its the weekend already i cant believe it. it feels like only yesterday i was dreading for this week to come and now its over. not complaining but just marvelling at how quick time is going.
well today was footy day at school! now for my friends not from australia football ain't soccer! its a completely different game that i cant really be bothered explaining at the moment but its aussie and its cool!! ;)
i go for the Geelong Cats (AKA the best ever team) they are awesome. but enough of that. yeah today was footy day and it was awesome seeing everyone getting dressed up in their footy colours and having a great day.

(not finished but decided i should publish it anyway write more soon!)

see youuuu

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  1. To be honest, footy is a lot more like Quidditch than soccer :) As long as you don't go for the Pies... bloody Collingwood, pisses me off.

    By the way, you got an awardzie on my blog: