Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sun, Sweat and Steiners

Ill take you back to the moment..

and tell you everything i was seeing, hearing and feeling..

the atmosphere..

the people..

the music..


it was 9:20 on this Wednesday morning, and the sleepy town I live in (not gonna say the name just in case!!) was only just waking up. Sure there was the occasional car driving by, either going to work or coming back from school pickup, but overall there wasnt much action happening. Until you looked across the street.
A huge crowd of either green, blue, red or yellow dressed teenagers were casually strolling down the path, some with sleepy eyes but others already bright eyed and talking nonstop. Giant hats, zinc cream and oversized sunglasses in every colour were a norm throughout the seemingly endless crowd. But they all had one clear destination: the local pool.

EJ's feet were beginning to hurt slightly as she trudges along the footpath next to her best friend Jo. They barely had any breathing space, the footpath was so jam packed with students they could hear the conversations of people from both in front and behind them. But the girls stayed quiet until they reached the pool, as they were some of the still half asleep people.

as they file into the pool gates, the four areas for the houses are already ready. Four large banners are hung behind each area, boasting the house names: BADER, CHURCHILL, HILLARY, LANDY. EJ and Jo go and find a spot in the shade in the Bader area, both wearing green shirts, hats and zinc. For the first half hour of the day most people just stand around waiting for the events to start, and the atmosphere is kind of awkward.

But then BOOM. The DJ's begin to blast some tunes and all of sudden, somehow the atmosphere is suddenly a helluva lot more cool, comfortable and full of SWAG. Kids start to sit down and the first event starts. EJ and Jo get comfortable on their towels, getting ready for a day full of people watching. Because, FYI, both the girls hate sport of any kind and they much prefer people watching.

But before long, the sun started to seep through and the closeness of everybody all bunched up together resulted in lots of sweat. EJ + Jo handled it for a short period of time before heading off in search of some shade. Whilst gone, EJ went into the bathroom and applied some bright green zinc cream on her lips. This would get weird looks anywhere else, but as she walked out afterwards people didnt even have a second glance at her lips it was considered normal to go all out in your house colours.

As the girls settled back down onto their towels and (thank god) the shade sales above their heads began to work, they settled into people watching. The swimming sports should have another name THE PERVE DAY. Girls are walking around in skimpy little bikinis and guys are strutting around showing off their chests. But not that its a bad thing, EJ certainly didnt mind a few of the guys. Did somebody say eye candy? EJ's aviator sunglasses also made it easy to perve without people realising she was, which was a huge bonus.

But before you start to think what a creep EJ is... let me tell you this first. everybody was pretty much the same. Seriously, some of the guys eyes nearly popped out of their heads. But, sadly, there was a downside to all this perving that was happening between the teens. Some of the girls, who obviously had no dignity or just wanted to show off, were showing all too much clevage for their own good. Although EJ has pretty high self confidence, she wouldnt go strutting around in an itsy bitsy bikini in front of her school. Instead, she wore a pair of board shorts and a green singlet and felt happy in it.

So whilst EJ isnt a big sporting person of any sort, she enjoyed watching and taking numerous photos and video footage. Sadly, Jo refused to be in any selfies which made EJ sad, but instead she used that extra space on her IPod camera to take sneaky photos of some guys abs. Hehe super ninja coming through!!

Now, onto a cooler topic. THE MUSIC. The music was goddamn amazing! Whilst all of it wasnt to EJ's taste, it just added so much character to the day. It had a mixture of all the latest and greatest hits, a LOT of remixes and some Michael Jackson (one of the DJs is a massive MJ fan). But overall it was really good!

One of the many things EJ loves about her best friend Jo is that they both are professionals at people watching. The people watching was probably EJ's favourite part of the entire day. People are so....interesting to watch, watch how they interact. But when people had boring moments so peopel watching wasnt interesting, EJ + Jo spent their time counting the number of boxer brands they could see. So listen, all the guys were wearing boardies and ALL of them (well, 97% anyway) made sure the strip of their boxers that shows the brand was showing. Overall, BONDS was the most worn brand, whilst BEVERLY HILLS POLO CLUB only had one guy wearing them. Ive never heard of that brand either dont worry.

EJ + Jo were both signed up for events, but neither of them did any. The reason?? Well neither of us wanted to and we...have our ways.
#1: Our super ninja swag. If you cant see the people the people cant see you
#2: We had replacements.

Most of the day was spent sitting, people watching, eating, and having to stand up numerous times to stretch for sitting down on the ground all day is sore on your butt. But eventually the day was up. The score updates they gave us every so often always said Bader was a clear winner and that was ultimately the result. Bader came first flogging all the others, we are ultimate at swimming. So now, i have just finished writing this, back at school, still all decked out in my green gear, and am about to go to my karate class to finish off the day before Glee is on TV tonight. Better go!

catch ya later readers, sorry for the long post!!

all my love




  1. You are a really good writer EJ, this is so cute! I hope you keep it up and maybe start working on a novel! I myself loved sports carnivals and was super into my house (purple!). I didn't wear a bikini though, you aren't going to win any races in a bikini! One piece all the way :)

    1. Hahaha aww thanks heaps Heather!! Im sorry i havent commented on your blog very much, but I always look :D
      And I already have attempted numerous novels actually, and am currently working on one called 'Anywhere But Here'. I love writing :)
      Oh my gosh purple?? That is awesome :D I soooo wish there was a purple house at my school...jealous!!
      thanks for commenting Heather xoxo

  2. You sound just like me on sports days, only I was usually forced into events because of my tiny, tiny school... and the perving wasn't so equal. Girls weren't allowed to wear bikinis at my school :p And there weren't many attractive guys either.

    Well, glad you had a good day anyway. Sunburn?