Saturday, 2 February 2013

schools back and it was NOT how I expected

heheheheeeeeeeeeee I am feeling evil. Because my brother and I are cooking dinner right, and now the fish and chips are in the oven and the salad done and we both wanted to go on the internet but of course both of us couldnt use the computer at once. so Rory was like "lets flip a coin!" and I was all "no no no you'll rig it somehow!" and was totally against the idea coz I always seem to have bad luck when it comes to things like flipping a coin and rock, paper scissors. But eventually we did and guess what? I chose tails and it landed on tails so I was all "BAM! in your faceeee!"

hahahhh sorry bout that. anyway, about the title. so it is now the weekend after my first 2 days at school for 2013. I am now just one year off being in senior school so that is pretty exciting. I am kind of like, the senior of the juniors, if you know what I mean ;)
but anyway. so surprisingly my classes were alright. I actually had a pretty good 2 days back. but I am SO GLAD the weeks over because I am not used to school very much yet (I have just come out of holidays) so even though it was just for 2 days going back to school was a big shock for me. getting up earlier than 10 was a struggle!! 
favourite subject so far?? probably drama. it is a bit upfront, loud and confronting, not what I am like at all. Pretty much my polar opposites. But I actually enjoyed it. Maybe it was just the thrill of having a subject which doesnt include books, sitting for a whole hour and just solid work work WORK. it was also hilarious to see everybody doing ridiculous drama things. also there are a bunch of guys in my year level who started this year in that class, so its easy on the eyes. ;)
so all my subjects seem pretty good so far, theres only one or two which i hate. which is a new record for me, I think. the year 7s are like mini midgits, they are so tiny!! so short!! but thats nothing new, last years were as well. but for some reason, this year feels different. seems different. dont ask me why, but it does. but good different, mind you.

but enough about school!! it is the weekend, a saturday night, and i am just about to have tea. so im gonna wipe school from my mind until monday so i will catch you guys later!! 

all my love



later edit: this is my 220th post!! yay me!!


  1. Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :D

    Sorry, just reveling in the fact that I don't start uni for another month and only one of my classes start before 10AM.

    Though I must admit, I miss drama, so, so much... Although it was the jinxed subject at my school. Over the two year course, I had five different teachers -___-'

    Have as much fun as you can now that you're back at school! You'll be glad you did it later.

    1. ohmehgawd thats one of the things I cant wait for when i finish school---not having to get up so early!! i am a night owl, definitely NOT a morning person

      and that is weird with the drama teachers! O.0 yknow in harry potter the defence against dark arts teachers always change its a bit like that hahaha

      and hey that sounds very wise and experienced of you cx but i will

    2. I'm actually mad at myself for sleeping in so much. It would be fine if everyone else in my house stayed up late too, but I have to be a quiet night-owl :( But yeah, my sleeping patterns are murderous.

      Haha there were two references to Harry Potter we made constantly about my drama class. First was the jinxed teaching position, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and then there was the fact that we were put in the smallest room in the furthermost corner from everything else. We nicknamed our room The Dungeon.


    3. Don't be mad!! You've endured years and years of getting up early for school dont be so harsh :P and I have to agree my sleeping patterns are crazy too but I'm working on it!!

      hahahaha thats cool!!! I had drama today for a double and I enjoyed it, even though we were stuck in a really hot room for the double :( its been really hot the past few days here, wbu?

      HAHAHA WISDOM RECIEVED!!! :P AND 20 WOW ANY IDEAS FOR YOUR 21st? since it's the big one and all...