Thursday, 14 February 2013

Friday lunchtimes

Right now, it is 12:51pm on Thursday, 15th February.  I am sitting out the front of my schools library, on my laptop, waiting for it to open and watching my rapidly deterirating battery life and cursing because ive only got 53% left. Ive got an apple sitting on my lap, waiting to be eaten for my lunch. But of course I cant type AND eat, unless I have 3 arms. Which I dont. So my belly will just have to wait while I write this long awaited post for you people in the blogosphere. Reason why its long awaited? Well, simply coz I havent written a new post in what seems like forever, but in reality has only been about 2 weeks, which is a lot for me. I am usually a pretty good blogger, posting every few days or so. But lately ive been pretty slack, and a few reasons contribute to this.

One, because ive had numerous bans off the internet lately (dont ask)
Two, because i havent had the inspriation to blog. trust me, i have tried. i have about 3 drafts which were supposed to be this post.
Three, because.................umm, I dont have a third reason. :P

ok so right now I am at school. No shit its Friday lunchtime, Im telling myself. There is general chatter all around, but im blocking it out. It is just a quiet hum in the back of my head, I recognize the words but am not focusing on them enough to make it make any sense in my head. i just had a double of math, and it was like torture for my brain. the internet wasnt working well, which was frustrating. And the fact that I was half asleep in boredom didnt help make it any better.

but anyway, its lunchtime. ive only got two more classes left of the day before its the WEEKEND and FREEDOM awaits me!! My last two classes are Science and Music. Not the worst but definitely not the best. 

in other news, yesterday we got a little shower. I mean rain, btw. It was like heaven!! Even though it only lasted for about five minutes, ten at the most, it was beautiful. Its been like a drought around here for the past month or so, so just a few drops was like heaven. Simply amazing. And I didnt even have to do a rain dance for it! score!

woah. y'know, i was just in my blog little world, and i didnt even notice the bunch of people sitting around me have all left. oh. wow. i didnt even notice. thats what i love about things like blogging, reading and writing. They transport you to another world. Or perhaps just make you oblivious to the world happening around you. Right now, the world around me is absolute chaous. But just a typical school lunchtime, I suppose.

FYI, i dont sit alone every lunchtime either. no, i am not a loner or a social outcast. im not popular, but im accepted. but the reason im alone today is because all of my friends are on an excursion and im not in their class. so i have been alone all day pretty much, which i thought would be pretty depressing. but surprisingly, i have enjoyed myself quite a bit. just being alone, with my own thoughts, just doing my own thing. it has been pretty good. i know, i cant believe it either. alone time must be healthy. i mean, i never said it wasnt, know what i mean.

rightio reader, i better go. im not spending my whole lunchtime doing a post, as much as id like to. that short burst of inspiration i had before is now gone, and i am longing to eat that apple. better go eat it now, i s'pose.

love and apples,




  1. It was thundering down my end when I woke up, pouring rain right when my sister had to go to school. But that stopped and cleared up until my step-mum and I went out, and then it rained for about 10 minutes then and cleared right up again. Crazy Victorian weather...

    I love apples but I don't like eating them off the core... I'm so weird :p Hope it's tasty... and red. Red apples are win.

    1. Ughhh I am getting so sick of summer right now :c we need more rainnnnn! and how are the fires looking around your way?? even though we have no fires immediately threatening us we have clear view of some smoke.

      and haha i never finish eating apples either, its very rare i get deown to the core. cx and yes it is red.. i cant handle green!!

  2. Hey wow, you've been busy while I've disappeared from the face of the planet.....You should see where I live I wish I had summer right now way too much rain ugh :/ I try and send the rain your way :) and alone time is always good just not too much and also I agree with you completely on when you read write or even blog you can be anywhere and anytime i find it hard to read and write at school cuz i get so into it and then I have to stop :( it sucks anyways I'm back thought I'd comment so you know LoL :P

    1. Oh yea also I like your background music... Its Hunger Games right? Cuz I'm sure I've fallen asleep to it once :P

    2. ohmerrgawd Caitlin its been too long!!! Where have you beeeeen my friend? ive missed you so much ♥ but im glad your getting back into the blogging game again! And I wish we had more rain, im getting sick of summer. And I hope we get some :D
      hey umm do you also know what happened with Tyler and Janaya? Those two seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth too...ive missed our chats :)
      and hey if you scroll down to the bottom of my blog you'll find the hunger games picture thing its coming from! trust me, its very cool. take a look!
      love EJ xxx