Friday, 1 March 2013

Nothing to blog about

Im being serious when saying this---I have nothing to blog about. Which is why I am blogging about not having anything to blog about. Which is kind of a mouthful I know but its true. Nothing amazing or dramatic has happened in my life recently, well, nothing big enough to blog about. I have spent most of today home alone, watching Saturday morning television, cleaning (i didnt have a say in this) and eating, shh. And also cuddling with my cat. My week has consisted of school, school, school. Funny that. 

Ok, since I can already foresee if I continue on this post like I have been its going to be incredibly boring, I'm going to change things up a bit. Something to make this post more interesting. Mmkays, here I go.

SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD// It's Time- Imagine Dragons
WHAT I HAVE DONE TODAY// It's been a real lazy day sooo: slept, watched tv, eat, i was home alone 
TIME// 5:53pm
DATE// 2nd March 
PLANS FOR TOMORROW// Dont really have any hahaa
WEARING// Beanie, singlet, shorts + leggings
WEATHER// Sunny with a chance of...umm....idk

sorry for the unbelieveably boring blog post, just thought I should do one to let you all know im still alive and havent died or anything like that.

till next time,




  1. I would argue that wearing a beanie constitutes fantastic news in any situation...but that's just my opinion. Beanies are the greatest hats, after all (thanks to their woolly permutation, the Nordic beanie).

    1. Hey Voltech! :D
      Ive got to admit ive got at least five beanies sitting in my cupboard, waiting to be worn all summer. Now finally Autumn is rolling around I'll begin to wear them again!!!

      thanks for commenting x

  2. Glad to hear you're alive :)

    My problem is usually the opposite... I have too many things I want to blog about and I know I have to pick ONE or else the post is going to be very messy. But then once I do pick something, I don't know what to write... hmph! It is such a lose-lose situation!

    Hope your life doesn't stay boring for much longer. I'm guessing homework is what has made your weekend to consist of so much school...?


    1. Hahaha thanks :)

      Hey I wish I had your problem!! I need some inspiration for blogging lately.....and also time would help too.

      Thanks, I hope it doesnt either. Its good ive only got a few more weeks of school left of the term then I'm going to JAPAN for the school holidays so I think that will spice things up!!! hahahaha