Wednesday, 3 October 2012

untitled post (aka: i couldnt think of a witty enough title for this post! sorry!)

//live while we're young- one direction//

my god i did get quite a shock when i got home today.

wait, thats an understatement. let me explain.

id just had a sleepover at a friend's house for the night and was just dropped off back at my place. it was a crazy night of the vampire diaries watching, the sims playing and lots of creamy soda and lollies. we went bowling also (i came 2nd, not a bad result I think!! i surprised myself!!), gorged ourselves at mcdonalds, and ate chips with gravy and cheese (did somebody say DELISH!!!

but anyway, thats beside the point. i had just got home and was pulling in the driveway when my friend said "theres a car in your drive."
i took a look and didnt recognize it. i was like "i dont know that car...maybe we've got some of mum and dad's friends over??" but then i saw not one....but TWO of my little brother's friends jump out of the car!! there goes my fantasy of a quiet evening!

they have been running around, making too much noise as most 11 year old boys do, and have been scaring my cat (his name is Moshi) heaps.
Moshi was sitting on my knee purring away like crazy while i was reading a magazine when suddenly i heard what sounded like a herd of elephants run around the veranda (turns out it was just the boys). Moshi dug his claws into my jeans in fright (oww) and then went flying (not literally, mind you) down the hallway to go under a bed or something.

god i was annoyed. he was so lovely and warm on my lap!! and i dont know what it is about cats purring but something about it puts me at ease. but then BOOM, that ease was gone and all i felt was ANGER.

but dont worry, i didnt yell at the boys, coz they started throwing paper aeroplanes off the veranda and not making as much noise. instead, i went to the fridge and got some food and kept thinking calmness. be calm.

On the bright side, I scored myself some new stuff when i went shopping with my friend yesterday. (yess, we went shopping too!) i got a new t-shirt that has a zebra wearing nerd glasses on it (CUTE!) and some new rings which i LOOOOVE! <3

also on the bright side...ive still got 4 days left of holidays (when i put it like that it doesnt seem like a lot does it??) but to me it is. i want these holidays to last FOREVERRR!

but i guess we cant have everything in life, can we..... *insert deep meaningful sigh here*

bye for now,



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