Monday, 8 October 2012

school again..............

well, well, well. I have officially survived my first day back at school! yay me! ^_^

i wish i had somebody on here to talk to....i mean, nobody has commented on any of my past sets!! its times like these i begin to wonder where my 23 followers are.... :(

but, enough moping!! this is a blog to post my feelings to the world, not something like facebook which is to make friends. but i still appreciate comments! just sayin...

but anyway!!! my school day was nothing special...nothing special enough to blog about at least! so im gonna go now, coz this awkward silence is freaking me out!!




  1. Oh hai there :3 I've hardly been on my own blog not to mention commenting on anyone else's :p Sorry sweetie. Year 12 is a bitch... I'm sure you'll understand soon enough :p

    Well first day back at school survived... that's you and me both, though I wish holidays had not ended! What a pain... :p But that's okay, I finish classes in two and a half weeks anyway. How long you got?

    1. Heya Bonnee! never mind, I understand how busy it must be! i kinda dont wanna be in year 12 because of all the exams and hard work blahhhh ;)

      I knowww i wish holidays had lasted longer too!!! but good things must always come to an end...even when you dont want them too..... :((

      ive still got until about Christmas, coz im not year 12. xx

    2. I'm so keen for it to all be finished with. Just think, EJ, after yr 12, you get to finish before the end of November and then you're free until whenever you start whatever you do after... and if that so happens to be university, you don't have to do anything until like March! :D THREE MONTH HOLIDAY, HERE I COME!!!

      I'll try and keep an eye on your blog anyway though :3 I need to do SOMETHING while I'm procrastinating studying.

    3. mmmm I try to think about the freedom and stuff (lol!) but it all seems so far away!! Are you going to uni or taking a gap year??

      and I'll try to update my blog as much as I can...but most of the time I dont have very much exciting news to share! :P
      but ill post anyway, dont worry. xx

  2. Hey, EJ!! :) Thanks for following my blog and for the sweet note!!!!!! I LOVE your blog!!!! :)
    P.S. I read. :)

    1. hey! its no problem!
      and my blog is nowhere as impressive as yours though! :D

    2. I think it's great. :) I'll be making your header (as you requested on my blog =)) in just a little bit. I'll let you know when it's done!!! :)

    3. It's done!!!! It looks so awesome!!!!!!!! :)

    4. oh really? thats awesome!!! :D can I see it? xxx