Monday, 22 October 2012

idk why, but...

Tuesday's are my least favourite days of the week, right? My regular readers would know this, because I've rambled on about it before. Coz I've got a full day of the subject I hate... Science, Graphics and P.E. So Tuesday's are the equivalent of hell in my book. And my family surely know it...Im always a mega grump in the mornings of Tuesdays.

But anyway, this Tuesday something was different. I felt.....calm, at ease, and open minded all day. The only thing I worried about was why I am feeling this way. Coz its not normal for me. at all! I have a quote for Tuesdays 'i hate them but without them i cant reach Friday'. But today, for some reason completely unknown to me, i actually kinda enjoyed today. not the subjects, mind you, they were still pretty crap. Im talking about the whole day in general. The whole day in general was pretty good.

idk why, coz nothing special or amazing happened today. I mean, i had my least favourite subjects for gods sake!! but, i have been all day.

maybe it was in Science when I thought we had a test and she said its on Friday instead (collective sigh of relief from my whole class). or maybe it was in Graphics when a group of year 12's came in (today was their last day) with the girls dressed as boys (with the baggy pants, caps and all!) and the boys dressed as girls (with the mini dresses, bras showing and absolutely HILARIOUS antics!!!) just for fun. or maybe it was in P.E, where we worked out in the weights shed and I actually felt like I was exercising... (yeah i know, such an unnatural word!!! :P )

anyway...i just had to say that. put it down on paper (or should I blog!)

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellll I thought I better say too .... THIS SATURDAY (the 27th of October) IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

aha, just a little bit excited about that c;

lots of love,



later edit: i just found out this is my 150th post!!! yay me!!!

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