Friday, 8 June 2012

I have a bad feeling....

I just had this really freaky feeling. I am sitting in the school library waiting for Dad after school (coz he's a teacher at my school he usually drives me home) but here's the freaky bit. I just had this thought-----what if Dad's left and has forgotten I'm in here??? Man, I am freaking myself out right now!!!!! :O :O :O :O :O

 MY CONSCIENCE- Relax, EJ. Deep breaths. Dad hasn't forgot about you. He's just really busy. Working hard. He's doing reports, remember? So he's just taking a while. 

 MY MIND- But it's  5:00pm!!!!! He wouldn't take that long, would he?? OMG he's forgotten he's forgotten he's forgotten...

MY CONSCIENCE- Don't be silly. Of course he hasn't forgotten.

MY MIND- But remember, he has joked about forgetting you here before, remember? One time he was late and I thought he had forgotten & when I told him that he thought it was pretty funny?

 MY CONSCIENCE- He's just late, EJ. Stop stressing. Even if he did forget you, he'd drive back and get you immediately when he realised.

MY MIND- AHA! You just admitted it! You think he's forgotten me!

MY CONSCIENCE- Oh for Gods sake EJ! Stop jumping to conclusions! I said 'even' if he did forget you, not that he did....

MY MIND- Same thing!!

MY CONSCIENCE- It is not!!! Stop arguing with me and just believe me for once, would you???

MY MIND- You know that quote, always trust your gut instinct? Well, my gut instinct is that he's forgotten me!

MY CONSCIENCE- Well....I've told you.....when he walks through that door in a minute you'll regret not listening to me.....

MY MIND- *ignoring conscience* Well, the library does have couches to sleep on....but what about food?? I might have to go in the staffroom and look in the fridge. I've got my drink bottle, so I'll be fine with water. Same with the toilets, there's school toilets. I won't be short of enterainment with all these books around...

MY CONSCIENCE- Look, out there! It's the rubbish man. If you're really that worried, go out and talk to him! Dad is friends with him, remember?

MY MIND- No!! That'd be way too embarrassing, let alone awkward!! "Oh, excuse me, I think my Dad's forgotten me. You know him....he teaches here. Could you ring him up?"

MY CONSCIENCE: You better publish this post, I think I can hear him coming...

MY MIND- Liar! He is not coming!!

MY CONSCIENCE- He has not left!!

MY MIND- The rubbish man has just left!!! And he's always the last one left at school!!!

MY CONSCIENCE- Well, he's not today, ok? Dad hasn't forgotten!

MY MIND- OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG he's forgotten he's forgotten he's forgotten

MY CONSCIENCE- Well, if all goes wrong, just dance the tango whilst eating a hamburger.

MY MIND- are weird.

MY CONSCIENCE- I'll take that as a compliment.


MY CONSCIENCE- Well, go look for him if you want to.

MY MIND- That's actually a good idea....but what if he isn't here? The other teachers will have a real good laugh!

MY CONSCIENCE- HEY HEY HEY LOOK! There's the rubbish man! See, he has not left so that means Dad is still here!

MY MIND- What does that prove??

MY CONSCIENCE- HEY HEY HEY LOOK! The lights are still on in the co-ordinators office!

MY MIND- Yeah, so what? Dad still could have left.

MY CONSCIENCE- I bet there's a meeting.


MY CONSCIENCE- Calm down, calm down. There's just here for the talent quest thing tonight. Remember, School's Got Talent?

MY MIND- OMG how embarrassing!! Hey, wait a sec, if I have $5 I could actually go watch it!

MY CONSCIENCE- First, you don't have $5. Second, Dad is going to come in and drive you home.

MY MIND- OMFG OMFG OMFG it is 5:20pm!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN FORGOTTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY CONSCIENCE- I'm not even going to bother to re-assure you, you wouldn't listen anyway.

MY MIND- Well, you got that right!

DAD- *entering the room*  why hello Miss Writing In The Dark


ME- Oh, hi Dad.


DAD- I'm just packing up, I'll meet you at my desk.


ME- Okay.


MY MIND- *deeply embarrassed and ashamed of ever thinking Dad would forget me*


MY CONSCIENCE- Told you so. ;)


Heya guys. Well, turns out Dad was working on reports. Hahaha, man, now you know what I mean by having an over-active imagination!!!

Bye for now, lovelies! 



  1. EJ, have i told you that you're so crazy??? :$

    1. Hahaha no you haven't!! Don't worry, I'm not always like that, I was just a bit freaked out that night.
      Catch ya later.

    2. fine, so lemme tell you...


      and i love crazy people ;) stay crazy, kay? your craziness in your blog posts keeps me laid awake at night :$

      be back soon!

    3. I'll take that as a compliment! :)
      and yes, I promise not to change my craziness in the slightest, just for you, Sera. ;)

  2. I love these conscience-mind conversations.. I always have them, it keeps me occupied.

    Glad he didn't forget you :))

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has them, I'd be a bit worried if I was!!

      Thanks, I'm glad he didn't forget me either. ;)

  3. hahaha that wuz funny thank you. i do that all the time...talking to myself. im sure there is a phone somewhere in the library if he forgot you or the janitor would find you. ♥

    1. Hahaha thanks I showed my Mum and she just cracked up laughing too!! YAY I'm not the only one who has two little voices in my head, that makes me feel a lot less crazy!! :D
      And yes, I'm sure I would have been okay too. Glad I made you smile.