Monday, 25 June 2012

From a phone!!

Heya my lovely readers! Hope you are a having a lovely week so far. So, as my blog title suggests, i'm writing this from a mobile phone! (mum's, if you wanna know!) it is so different from using a computer--so much smaller! But I suppose I better get used to it with technology these days... Well Monday was a pretty good day for me, once I got over that initial 'I hate Mondays!' syndrome. The highlight was science. I know I am as surprised as you are- I usually HATE science, as my regular readers would already know. ;) But I actually enjoyed science! I finished my rocket (with the help of two lovely MALE classmates!) and went outside onto the oval with my grade and we set the rockets off! Mine did very well, thanks for asking! (out of the ones of us who launched our rockets, Nate and I had the highest ones.) which I'm pretty proud of! The rest of the day was pretty so-so, but for some weird reason, I really enjoyed science! Maybe it wuz coz I had a good chat with some people I usually don't but who were really nice) or whether I got my rocket finished (FINALLY!), I don't know, so don't ask!! Today (Tuesday) was okay. As usual. Tuesday's are my least favourite days of the week so what could I expect?? It was ok--the main thing that got me through was the thought that 'it's nearly the end of the term!' Well, my friends, I better sign off now. There is free wi-fi at the library (where I am) do I'm gonna do some Internet surfing before my time runs out!! Love EJ xxxxx

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  1. oh wow, what kind of phone is it? truth is, i just lost my phone :( but also, i just got a new camera :D so it's balance enough!