Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cannot think of a good enough title!

I'm being honest here....I've just spent about the past half hour trying to think of a smart, clever, witty enough title for this post. And, obviously, I haven't thought of anything. So I decided to call it Cannot think of a good enough title! and actually begin writing about the stuff you would be interested in. Hmm, okay.

Well, although today is Thursday, it is the last day of the week!!! Before the words 'what the hell is she on about? the last day of the week is Friday!' creep into your head, I'll explain. Tomorrow is the teacher's report writing day. Eeek I know reports are pretty scary! Although I'll admit I haven't had a bad report to date, I still get worked up about it. Especially for Science and Math, my two least favourite subjects. But ANYWAY, I'm going to forget about that and remember that tomorrow is FRIDAY and I HAVE A DAY OFF SCHOOL!!! *cue crowd cheering here*

oh, and also, tomorrow is my brother, Rory's birthday. Happy birthday Rory, if you ever read this, which is very unlikely. but happy birthday anyway. ♥ 

Boys can be such idiots sometimes! Honestly, some of the guys at school act like such boofheads you'd think they were still in fifth grade. Sometimes, I wish boys matured earlier than girls, so they'd actually have some respect, because most of them seem to have none.

Right, my day. Nothing overly exciting---nothing exciting enough to blog about, anyway. But trust me, when there is, I'll definitely tell you. :)

Okay, listen up people! I have a new fave word------velvet. I just love the way it rolls off your tongue....try it! Go on! say velvet out loud! isn't it funny what your tongue does? it goes up and down inside your mouth! hahahahaha well that was random, wasn't it? I'm in a random mood, hahahahaha :D

Well, like before when I did the conscience/mind thing, I am sitting in the library, in the dark (apart from the computer screen, of course) and it is 5:10pm. But, things are different--Rory (my brother) is here with me this time! Say hi Rory! *Rory shoots me an 'as if!' look* hahaha well I guess it is weird talking to the computer, but anyway! I am not stressing out coz he's here hahahaha  I know that sounds corny it sounds like I'm talking about a boyfriend or something like that but I'm talking about my brother sorry you romantics out there! ☻

Okey dokey, I'm going to stop writing now. Please comment---it was simply amazing how many comments I got on my last post.  Thank you sooo much for commenting, and I appreciate and will reply to every comment.

See you later,




  1. hi ej i throughly enjoyed this one. have a great day off. im off school now except that i have to write my finals eeeeeeeekkkkkkkk
    and about boys they take so much longer to muter than girls. keep waiting for that perfect guy...keep waiting for your peeta in life ♥

    1. Hi Janaya! hey thanks that means a lot! ;)
      yeah it was a great day off I much better than going to school! good luck with your finals! I hate exams...too much pressure for my liking!!
      I knoww it's annoying with boys, isn't it? and yes, I will keep waiting for the Peeta in my life, but I don't think YOU have to. You and Tyler seem so sweet together I'm sure your relationship will last.